Diagenode – epigenetics solutions

Diagenode is a biotech company leader in the field of epigenetics, providing full solutions for chromatin immunoprecipitation (chIP) and DNA methylation research. Diagenode makes epigenetics research accessible and ensures consistent data in every experiment thanks to its sonication instruments (Bioruptor), automated systems (IP-Star), kits for ChIP or DNA methylation analysis, and high quality antibodies.

Diagenode – epigenetics solutions


Diagenode is a leading provider of complete solutions for epigenetics research, biological sample preparation and diagnostics assays. Diagenode is specialized in shearing devices for DNA and chromatin preparation, ranging from 150bp up to 75kb. Indeed, Diagenode’s Megaruptor Shearing system is perfect between 2kb and 75kb, for instance for mate pair library preparation. The world’s famous Bioruptor Sonicators (the most cited devices for chromatin and DNA shearing) is perfect to provide unrivaled performance, durability, and value for shearing biological samples between 150bp and 2kb. Diagenode also offers a wide range epigenetics-focused antibodies thoroughly validated for ChIP and ChIP-seq. And Diagenode’s MethylCap kit enables high enrichment of double-stranded DNA and a differential fractionation in function of the methylated CpG density.

Diagenode also provides a full range of ChIP and ChIP-seq kits. True MicroChIP kit is an efficient ChIP recovery and enrichment kit from only 10.000 cells. iDeal ChIP-seq kit is the only kit on the market validated for PGM (Ion Torrent) and GAIIx (Illumina). HighCell# ChIP kit is able to recover more DNA and limit bias of downstream applications. Furthermore, SX-8G IP-Star Compact Automated Sytem represents the first complete system to automate ChIP and DNA methylation assays, for unmatched reproducibility. And IPure kit is the only DNA purification kit using magnetic beads that is specifically optimized for DNA purification from ChIP and MeDIP. MeDIP is based on the affinity purification of methylated DNA using antibodies directed against 5 methylcytosine (5-mC).

Diagenode was founded in 2003 in Liège (Belgium) and opened an US branch in 2006 in Denville (USA). Diagenode developed a global distribution and partnering network, mainly in Japan and Asia-Pacific countries. Diagenode’s products are designed to make diagnostic assays simpler, faster, and more convenient, with the highest levels of quality (CE-marked and certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 kits).

More about Diagenode : www.diagenode.com

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