Biorbyt – custom peptide synthesis

Biorbyt is a biotech company specialized in custom peptide synthesis and custom His-tag protein production.

Biorbyt – custom peptide synthesis


Based in Cambridge, Biorbyt has a simple yet challenging mission: Biorbyt dares to do things differently by providing the best service to the global scientific community. As a team of scientists with many years of bench experience, Biorbyt is working with some of the world’s finest researchers and academics to develop products of the highest quality and meticulously test them to meet your needs, whatever they are. Biorbyt offers a dedicated service for the production of high quality custom His-tag proteins. Biorbyt works with an experienced team of biochemists able to treat both routine and complex production. Biorbyt has a strict quality procedure and provide customers with the QC data relating to their products. This custom His-tag protein undergoes SDS-PAGE and HPLC analysis. Proteins are produced with a Histidine tag, which can be at either N-ter or C-ter of the protein. Activity tests can also be carried out by Biorbyt upon request. They also propose a dedicated service of high quality custom peptide synthesis. For simple synthetic requirements (6-30mer), an order can easily be placed on the website, just by adjusting the quantity and sending your sequence. For more complex synthetic requirements, different purity levels or higher quantity, Biorbyt will provide a specific quote regarding your needs.

Based in Cambridge (UK), San Francisco (USA) and Shanghai (China), this company also has a strong distributor network allowing this highly motivated biotech company to deliver dedicated service close to you, wherever you are.

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Biorbyt – custom peptide synthesis – custom His-tag protein production

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Custom peptide synthesis – Custom His-tag protein production