Cancer Research Technology – cancer research innovations

Cancer Research Technology is a biotech company specialized in the field of cancer research and development, including 30 years’ specialist experience in the commercialization of cancer research tools.

Cancer Research Technology – cancer research innovations

Cancer Research Technology

Cancer Research Technology (CRT) offers a wide reagent commercialization service for scientific products like cell lines, mice, small molecules, etc… In October 2014, Cancer Research Technology launched Ximbio, an online portal for the life science community to exchange knowledge and trade reagents. Developed to change the way that research reagents are searched and shared, Ximbio aims to broaden the range of tools available to the scientific community.

CRT-DL (CRT Discovery Laboratories) is an industrial-focused small molecule drug discovery entity owned by Cancer Research Technology. CRT-DL undertakes translational research in order to discover new cancer drugs by bringing together the best minds from industry and academia to work around themed areas of cancer biology. CRT-DL has in-house capabilities including assay development, target and cellular biology, crystallography, HTS, DMPK and medicinal chemistry.

CDP (Clinical Development Partnerships) is an innovative initiative launched by Cancer Research Technology and the Cancer Research UK to bring new life to promising therapies that have been de-prioritized by biopharmaceutical companies. CDP puts shelved projects back into clinical development with an innovative business model: the early phase clinical development is carried out at no initial cost for the company and then on a shared risk/reward basis. With this new approach, CDP enables biopharma companies to maximize the value of their pipeline and potentially develop new treatments for patients.

Cancer Research Technology is based in the UK but also operates in a subsidiary unit in Cambridge (USA), headed by Larry Steranka. CRT’s Board is composed by Peter Chambré, Michael Pragnell, Andy Richards, Ruth McKernan, Harpal Kumar, Keith Blundy, Nic Jones, Phil L’Huillier and Iain Foulkes. As a central organization in the Cancer Research UK network, Cancer Research Technology is able to bring together institutions and scientists from the research community to facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations between research teams and industry partners. Thus, Cancer Research Technology is fully dedicated to advancing discoveries to beat cancer!

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