Boster – picoband antibodies

Boster is a biotech company proposing an exclusive range of thoroughly screened antibodies (Picoband antibodies). These revolutionary highly sensitive antibodies are selected to ensure maximum affinity and minimal cross reactivity, generating beautiful and reproducible Western Blot and immunohistochemistry images.

Boster – picoband antibodies


Boster aims to have one reliable high affinity antibody for each of the top 3000 most common protein targets, thus enabling cutting-edge scientific discovery. Picoband antibodies are designed with the latest scientific technology using a proprietary optimization system. The specificity and sensitivity of Picoband antibodies allows researchers to generate high resolution paraffin-embedded (IHC-P), frozen (IHC-F), and immunocytochemistry (ICC) images, as well as crisp western blot bands for target protein levels as low as 5 -10 picograms. Picoband Antibodies are designed and screened to react to the target protein with high affinity and minimum cross-reactivity with its family members and other sources of non-specific binding. Boster uses a panel of more than 250 samples to test cross-reactivity in different tissues and species. Boster believes in full transparency of the quality control process: thus all of its original staining images are available in HD on Boster’s website. Boster also retests every batch of its Picoband Antibodies to ensure inter-batch consistency. Boster also offers a wide range of ready-to-use Sandwich Picokine ELISA kits covering over 600 proteins from humans, rats, and mice. Sandwich Picokine ELISA kits incorporate high sensitivity averaging single digit pictogram level sensitivity and low background.

Boster was founded in 1993 by famed histologist, Steven Xia. Boster’s products have been cited in over 20.000 publications. Boster is composed by a team of antibody and ELISA kits experts and headquartered in the USA. Boster offers a quality guarantee on all its product lines.

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