Epitogenesis – vaccine delivery technologies

EpitoGenesis is a biotech company developing immune enhancing adjuvants and delivery systems for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines, as well as robust and rapid vaccine manufacturing platforms.

Epitogenesis – vaccine delivery technologies


Epitogenesis targets the human vaccine market, which currently generates several billion dollars of revenues. Its vaccine immune-enhancing delivery system aims to reduce the number of doses, the concentration of each dose, and to administer the vaccines in a needle-free manner either transcutaneously or mucosally. Indeed, while most vaccines have been administered through intra-muscular injections, mucosal vaccinations through the oral cavity or intra-nasal routes offer several advantages (easy administration, possibility of self administration, induction of mucosal and systemic immunity, etc…). EpitoGenesis develops its proprietary Nutritive Immune-enhancing Delivery Systems (NIDS) based exclusively on generally regarded as safe (GRAS)-FDA-grade components. EpitoGenesis is also developing novel vaccine manufacturing platform technologies that are simpler, less expensive, and faster to manufacture. Thus, EpitoGenesis is planning to out-license its mucosal and cutaneous immune enhancing delivery systems and vaccine manufacturing technologies to larger vaccine manufacturers.

Epitogenesis was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in the USA. Board of Directors is composed by both co-founders: Michael Vajdy . Scientific Advisory Board is composed by Jan Holmgren, Ervin Epstein, Cecil Czerkinsky and Gregory Moe.

More about Epitogenesis : www.epitogenesis.com

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