Transgenomic – genetic biomarker identification

Transgenomic is a biotech company identifying genetic biomarker using proprietary methods and assays.

Transgenomic – genetic biomarker identification


Transgenomic is advancing personalized medicine in cardiology, oncology, and inherited diseases through its proprietary molecular technologies. This biotech company is a global leader in cardiac genetic testing with its innovative products designed to detect gene mutations indicating cardiac disorders. To do so, Transgenomic uses ICE COLD-PCR (Improved & Complete Enrichment CO-amplification at Lower Denaturation temperature). ICE COLD-PCR is an innovative method that preferentially enriches mutant DNA sequences in presence of an excess of wild-type DNA. This is done through selective amplification of the mutant DNA population using an oligonucleotide complementary to wild-type sequence (RS-oligo) preventing PCR amplification of wild-type sequences while allowing amplification of DNA containing any mutation covered in the RS-oligo region.  The mutant-enriched DNA is then analyzed by standard Sanger DNA sequencing.  The analytical sensitivity for the ICE COLD-PCR assay is 1 in 10.000 (0.01%) for all the mutations, compared to 20% limit of detection by standard Sanger sequencing. The ICE COLD-PCR assay developed by Transgenomic provides a means to detect low level mutations in the Androgen Receptor and thus provides a valuable methodology for the early diagnosis, treatment guidance, outcome prediction and relapse monitoring of cancers.

Transgenomic also offers HANABI-PIV, HANABI-PV and HANABI-P0 Metaphase Auto-Spreaders. These automated instruments provide optimized environmental conditions for the preparation of metaphase chromosome spreads. For instance, HANABI-PIV automatically processes up to 48 samples and prepares up to 96 slides per run. Excessive spreading and chromosome overlaps are minimized. Thus, chromosome spreading process for conventional FISH, CGH and G-banding analysis is now easily carried out regardless of skill level.

Transgenomic is a biotech company based in the USA. Board of Directors is composed by Doit Koppler, Robert Patzig, Paul Kinnon, Michael Luther and John Thompson.

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Transgenomic – genetic biomarker – ICE COLD-PCR – Improved Complete Enrichment CO-amplification at Lower Denaturation temperature

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