Abraxis – immunochemistry products

Abraxis is a biotech company designing, developing and manufacturing immunochemistry products and methods to meet the testing needs of researchers.

Abraxis – immunochemistry products


Abraxis proposes several services, like diversified test format development (magnetic particles, microtiter plates, coated tubes, strips, etc…), antibody and antigen purification or monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production. Abraxis also offers immunogold reagents for rapid test system applications, mycotoxins (Aflatoxin, Fumonisin, Ochratoxins, Vomitoxin, Zearalenone, etc…), magnetic separators, markers for bioactivity, etc… Additionally, Abraxis is able to design and validate pre-treatment methods to test sample matrices including foods, solvents, soils, solid surfaces, bodily fluids, etc… Abraxis provides innovative and lab based testing solutions for water algal toxins. Anatoxin-a, Cylindrospermopsin, BMAA, Microcystins and Saxitoxins test kits are the core for fresh water cyanotoxins testing. As cyanotoxins testing expands into coastal waters, marine water placations are also available for Cylindrospermopsin, Saxitoxins and Microcystins test kits. Additional applications for microcystins testing are available for bivalve and fish tissues as well as human serum. Domoic Acid (ASP), Brevetoxin (NSP), Saxitoxins (PSP) and Okadaic Acid (DSP) test kits are the core for the marine/shellfish poisons test kits. Shipboard/dockside testing applications are available for Brevetoxin, Okadaic Acid, Domoic Acid and Saxitoxins, while an alternate technology, PPIA, is also available for Okadaic Acid.

Abraxis is a biotech company based in the USA. Abraxis’ scientific staff has experience with medical, industrial and environmental diagnostics. Abraxis is able to customize programs to serve client’s specific needs with competitive pricing and high quality standards.

More about Abraxis: www.abraxiskits.com

Abraxis – immunochemistry products – immunogold reagents – water algal toxins

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