Cellular Research – high-resolution investigation of single cells

Cellular Research is a biotech research and development company revolutionizing life science research by enabling high-resolution investigation of single cells and limited samples, thereby creating new benchmarks and delivering new capabilities.

Cellular Research – high-resolution investigation of single cells

cellular research

Cellular Research offers Precise assays, an innovative technology for high-throughput gene expression analysis. Precise assays offer qPCR users with a higher throughput, higher content, and more precise quantitative tool for profiling hundreds of genes in hundreds to thousands of samples. The inclusion of Molecular Indexes corrects for PCR bias and allows users to determine the absolute transcript counts for genes of interest. Furthermore, the Pixel RNA Spike-In system combined with Molecularly Indexed set of synthetic RNA standards enables users to determine the exact efficiency of a process such as standard RNA-seq or Precise assays. By simply counting the number of uniquely labeled molecules in the final library, the user can easily calculate the efficiency of the entire process. The method is ideally suited for sample quality control and process quality control application where it’s important to validate library quality before sequencing. Indeed, Molecular Indexing is a novel technology providing high-resolution quantitation of RNA expression in small samples and single cells. The Molecular Indexing technology is based on an innovative technology, where each and every copy of a DNA molecule present in a sample is labeled at random from a large, non-depleting reservoir of diverse oligonucleotide labels or barcodes. Thus, DNA molecules of an identical sequence become distinct through unique labeling.

Cellular Research Inc is a biotech company founded in 2011 by innovators from Silicon Valley and Stanford University. Cellular Research is headquartered in Palo Alto (USA). Management team is composed by Ari Chaney,Stephen Fodor, Glenn Fu, Martin Pieprzyk, Geoff Facer, Karin Yaccato, Christina Fan, Julie Wilhelmy, Craig Betts, Suzanne Weaver and Norman Kruse. Advisors and Board Members include Stephen Quake, Vern Norviel, Lubert Stryer, Maneesh Jain, Ronald Davis, Paul Berg, Brad Margus and John Diekman.

More about Cellular Research: www.cellular-research.com

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