Denator – stabilizing the proteome

Based on its proprietary heat stabilization technology, Denator is a biotech company developing instruments and consumables to address needs in the life science and clinical research markets. Denator’s products enable scientists to stabilize biological samples (cellular biopsies or tissue sections). Normal degradation processes are stopped instantaneously and permanently, preventing the distortion of subsequent analytical results and thus revealing the true in vivo status of every sample.

Denator – stabilizing the proteome


Heat stabilization is an additive-free tissue sample preservation technology that stops biological change immediately and permanently. Heat stabilization prevents peptides, phosphoproteins and small molecules degrading or changing after sampling, thus enabling more accurate and reliable results than with snap freezing and/or inhibitors. Independent, peer-reviewed publications have demonstrated the ability not only to reveal in vivo profiles, but also to identify novel biological molecules that would previously have been lost due to rapid degradation. Such information is of particular significance for areas such as neuroscience and proteomics research where short-lived molecules and potential biomarkers need to be confidently identified to elucidate disease mechanisms and identify potential drug targets or disease markers. Heat stabilization can be carried out using Denator’s Stabilizor system. The fully automated procedure ensures consistent and reproducible treatment of samples. Proprietary algorithm uses the physical state and sample size (measured automatically by lasers) to determine the exact amount of energy required for complete denaturation. The Stabilizor T1 is a portable, benchtop instrument that uses rapid conductive heating to preserve biological samples as closely as possible to their in vivo state. Maintainor Tissue cards are designed specifically to ensure effective heat stabilization of fresh, or frozen, tissue samples when using the Stabilizor system. To enhance heat transfer and prevent oxidation during heat stabilization and storage, Maintainor Tissue cards are constructed with fluoropolymer foils and air in the sample chamber is evacuated before stabilization begins. Furthermore, Maintainor DBS sample cards are designed specifically to ensure effective heat stabilization of dried blood spots (DBS) when using the Stabilizor system. Heat stabilization of DBS enables quantitative determination of small molecules such as drug compounds and metabolites. Denator cryo storage box (Maintainor storage box) is specially designed to hold up to 12 Maintainor Tissue cards. Moreover, Denator also offers Stabilizor Peptide Extraction kit. Used together with the Stabilizor system, the Stabilizor Peptide Extraction Kit facilitates differentiation and identification of endogenous peptides from degradative peptide fragments. The kit contains all necessary accessories and solutions to homogenize and extract endogenous peptides prior to LC-MS. Additionally, the Stabilizor 2D-GE Extraction Kit maximizes recovery from tissue samples prior to 2D-GE. Used together with the Stabilizor system, the Stabilizor 2D-GE Extraction Kit maximizes the recovery of proteins from heat stabilized tissue to obtain a representative picture of protein states at the moment of sampling.

Established in 2004, Denator has its headquarters in Gothenburg (Sweden) and additional research and applications facilities at the Uppsala Science Park (Sweden). Management Team is composed by Olof Sköld and Karsten Fjärstedt. Board of directors is composed by Peter Ehrenheim, Henrik Wingstrand, Søren Møller, Henrik Pfundheller, Johan Crona and Karl Sköld. Products are sold directly in major markets such as North America and Europe and through a growing network of carefully selected distributors.

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