ChemoMetec – high-speed cell counting

ChemoMetec is a biotech company aiming to improve analytical measurement techniques within the fields of particle counting and liquid chemical composition determination. ChemoMetec mainly focus in liquids analysis, especially for use in life sciences research, clinical diagnostics, production and quality control for pharmaceutical industries.

ChemoMetec – high-speed cell counting


ChemoMetec recently developed the NucleoCounter NC-3000, a high quality all-in-one image cytometer with high-speed cell counting. NucleoCounter NC-3000 has none of the limitations of flow cytometry: simple to operate, consistent high quality results with high precision and accuracy, etc… Furthermore, no warm-up time is required, neither services or maintenance, resulting in very low running cost. NC-3000 includes 10 analytical assays and an open platform (FlexiCyte) with up to 4 channels at the same time, allowing the analysis of mammalian, insect or yeast cell samples. As the NC-3000 is based on image cytometry, there is no flow and aggregated cells pose no problems.

For both high speed counting and the possibility to perform the world’s fastest cell cycle assay and cell health assay, ChemoMetec’s NC-250 is a top-performer. NucleoCounter NC-250 is indeed a perfect cell counter, dealing with high quality with speed: a 5 minute Cell Cycle Assay and a 1 minute patented Apoptosis Assay. NC-250 is able to analyze up to 8 samples in one run. ChemoMetec’s family of NucleoCounter also includes NC-200 (automated cell counting, no buffers or dyes added, no need to calibrate) and NC-100 (a compact instrument very simple to operate). With ChemoMetec’s Nucleo Counters, viability and cell counting has never been so easy and precise!

Founded in 1997, ChemoMetec has expanded rapidly and works now closely with hospitals, universities and research. Management Team is composed by Preben Konig, Martin Glensbjerg , Peter Reich and Michael Eising (CEO). ChemoMetec is now present in several countries: in Allerod (Denmark), Davis (USA), France and Germany.

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ChemoMetec – high-speed cell counting – NucleoCounter – NC-3000 – image cytometer – NC-250 – NC-200 – NC-100

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