DNAStar – innovative and easy to use software for scientists

DNAStar provides innovative and easy to use software tools for life scientists since 30 years. All DNAStar’s software are available as a single package or separately.

DNAStar – innovative and easy to use software for scientists


DNASTAR is a pioneer in the development of software used to increase life scientists’ productivity using their desktop computer or the Cloud. DNAStar propose easy to use, affordable and flexible computer software. DNAStar Lasergene includes applications for traditional sequence analysis, next-gen sequence assembly and analysis, ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, gene expression studies and transcriptome analysis. It also includes an application for creating publication-quality graphics to present your data. Thus, DNAStar Lasergene provides all the software you need for clinical research, genomics, structural biology and evolutionary biology research and is available as a complete package or as separated software.

DNAStar received recently the Phase II SBIR grant award from the NIH for their study: “Structural bioinformatics software for epitope selection and antibody engineering” with Dr. Steve Darnell as Principal Investigator for this project. This project helps users to determine epitopes and model their binding to specific antibodies, supporting major advancements in drug discovery for human health and related research. This project is based on NovaFold, DNAStar’s protein structure prediction software and Protean 3D, a molecular visualization and analysis software.

DNA Star company is based on Madison, Wisconsin (USA). Tom Schwei is currently the Vice President and General Manager of DNAStar. DNAStar is a global company, selling and supporting scientific software in more than 90 countries worldwide.

More about DNA Star: www.DNASTAR.com

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