Innate Immunotherapeutics – immunomodulator microparticles

Innate Immunotherapeutics is a medical biotechnology company designing and producing a unique immunomodulator microparticle technology. This innovative technology is able to induce the human immune system to fight certain types of cancer or infections, but also to modulate certain immune mechanisms implicated in autoimmune diseases (like the ones implicated in Multiple Sclerosis).

Innate Immunotherapeutics – immunomodulator microparticles

Innate Immunotherapeutics

The microparticles used by this technology provide a unique delivery system for both known and novel immune system modulators. By attaching selected modulators to the microparticle, these triggers can be delivered reliably and specifically to certain types of immune cells. This technology developed by Innate Immunotherapeutics could also be used in the design of better vaccines to treat or prevent other diseases such as malaria, influenza or tuberculosis.

The first drug candidate developed by Innate Immunotherapeutics, MIS416, is a construct of the microparticle and naturally occurring, non-immunogenic, cytosolically-active NOD-2 and TLR-9 ligands. When administered, microparticle/ligand complexes are absorbed by the cells of the reticulo-endothelial system, with cellular activation occurring only after microparticle internalization and subsequent biodegradation of the microparticle and release of the ligands. Signal transduction pathways activated by these ligands activate a broad range of innate immune cell subsets that are central to the development of innate and adaptive anti-tumour responses. MIS416 has demonstrated safety and efficacy in a number of different disease models. In vitro studies have shown that MIS416 has specific immunomodulatory effects on monocytes/macrophages and dendritic cells, as well as on Natural Killer (NK) and NKT-cells cytokine secretion patterns. Due to the significant degree of unmet medical need, Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis has been selected as the initial clinical target for MIS416.

Innate Immunotherapeutics, based on Sydney (Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand), is governed by a small board to achieve maximum value for the company’s 1770 private shareholders. Boards of Directors are Michael Quinn, Christopher Collins, Andrew Sneddon, Simon Wilkinson and Elizabeth Hopkins.

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