eTherapeutics – in-silico drug discovery

eTherapeutics is a drug discovery and development company, applying network pharmacology to find new treatments for human disease.  eTherapeutics has a very promising clinical pipeline and is also looking for new candidates.

eTherapeutics – in-silico drug discovery


There are thousands of proteins relevant to disease and every drug compound binds to many different proteins affecting them in different ways (modifying stability, phosphorylation status, etc…). This huge variety creates an enormous range of possible interactions between a drug molecule and any biological system. eTherapeutics is a pioneer of network pharmacology, a distinctive approach for drug discovery. Network pharmacology involves application of network analysis to determine the set of proteins most critical in any disease, and then chemical biology to identify specific molecules capable of targeting that set of proteins. Thus, network pharmacology differs from conventional drug discovery approaches (usually based on highly specific targeting of a single protein) by addressing the true complexity of disease and by seeking to harness the ability of drugs to influence many different proteins. Where conventional approaches failed, network pharmacology has the potential to provide new treatments for complex diseases. eTherapeutics uses this proprietary network pharmacology platform to analyze networks of proteins associated with particular diseases. eTherapeutics is thus able to identify drug candidates with optimal impact on these networks. Current works with this network pharmacology platform are focused on cancer and degenerative diseases of the nervous system.

Drugs discovered previously thanks to this network pharmacology platform for cancer and depression are now into clinical development: ETS2101 (glioma and other cancers, in phase I) and ETS6103 (major depressive disorder, in phase II). ETS2101 (dexanabinol) is a synthetic cannabinoid previously studied in trauma patients. Application of network pharmacology by eTherapeutics suggested that ETS2101 has also potential in cancer. Two phase I cancer studies are ongoing: one with patients with a variety of solid tumours and another one in patients with primary or secondary brain cancer. ETS6103 is in development for major depressive disorder, already giving encouraging data in a small phase IIa study in comparison to the tricyclic antidepressant amitriptyline.

eTherapeutics, based in Oxford and Newcastle (UK), was founded in 2001 and Board of Directors is composed by Malcolm Young (CEO), Steve Self, Steve Medlicott, Oliver Francis Wintour James, Rajesh Chopra and Brad Hoy.

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