CH3 BioSystems – methyl marks discovery

CH3 BioSystems is a biotech company manufacturing novel molecular tools to help biomedical research better understand cancer and autoimmune, neurodevelopmental, viral and cardiovascular diseases thanks to a new patent-protected chemical technology.

CH3 BioSystems – methyl marks discovery

CH3 Biosystems

CH3 BioSystems is a supplier of high-performance molecular tools and services for the discovery of protein methylation pathways in cells and tissues. CH3 BioSystems produces a methylarginine-specific antibody, anti-mRG, specifically designed to recognize the greatest number of methylproteins currently known. The immunizing antigen is based on a minimally required consensus sequence for arginine methylation. CH3 BioSystems thus provides a wide range of unique products anchored by this patented CH3 Antibody. CH3 BioSystems also develops anti‐survivin 2B or 3B (IgY‐purified chicken polyclonal antibodies).

CH3 BioSystems also offers several clonal cell lines to assist molecular and biochemical researches on cellular protein methylation. Individual cell line isolates are supplied either as a frozen cell pellet in cryoprotectant medium or in culture medium suspension. Furthermore, CH3 BioSystems proposes Type I and Type III Protein Arginine Methyltransferase (PRMT1 and PRMT3). PRMT1 and PRMT3 are recombinant protein arginine methyltransferase expressed as a fusion protein in bacteria, and supplied as active enzyme able to methylate arginine acceptor sites in peptides or proteins under appropriate incubation conditions.

CH3 BioSystems also offers pLuc Reporter Vectors, pLucNeo (promoter-less luciferase reporter construct with Neomycin gene cassette) and luciferase reporter constructs with human survivin promoter. Furthermore, CH3 BioSystems proposes Serine Protease Inhibitor (a convenient ready-to-use protease inhibitor compatible with in vitro arginine methyltransferase assays) or methylation substrates like Arginine-Rich Peptides (a synthetic 1.6 kDa peptide that can be used to detect arginine methyltransferase activity in tissue extracts or cell). CH3 BioSystems is a biotech company headquartered in Amherst (USA) and the Advisory Board is composed by Paul Buckley, Lyn Dyster, William Grieshober, James Hengst and Marnie LaVigne.

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