Horus Pharma Renews Its Partnership With Plastic Bank

Horus Pharma Renews Its Partnership With Plastic Bank

Horus Pharma Renews Its Partnership With Plastic Bank

Close to 300 metric tons of plastic waste to be recycled

Environmental and social commitment to the Mediterranean region scaled up. Focus on Egypt.

NICE, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Horus Pharma, an independent French laboratory specialised in ophthalmology known for its expertise in developing preservative-free products designed to facilitate eye and eyelid health, has extended its successful collaboration with Plastic Bank, a global organisation focused on reducing and recycling plastic waste and championing a circular economy.

In late 2022, Horus Pharma made a pledge alongside Plastic Bank to recycle the quantity of plastic used in the packaging for 10 of its products. Altogether, this represented slightly over 100 metric tons by year-end 2023, or the equivalent of 5 million 500 ml bottles. This plastic waste collection programme is helping to reduce ocean pollution while positively impacting local communities by guaranteeing them income, access to healthcare and education.

Under the extended partnership, the goal is to recycle close to 300 metric tons of plastic waste, or the equivalent of 15 million plastic bottles, which will be collected from the shores of the Mediterranean by year-end 2025 via Plastic Bank’s collection centre in Egypt. Horus Pharma is thus offsetting 65% of the plastic volumes it puts on the market, with 400 metric tons of plastic set to be recycled between year-end 2022 and year-end 2025.

Nicolas Claret, Horus Pharma’s International Director, commented: “In the pharma industry, plastic often has to be used to meet regulatory standards and comply with globally recognised good manufacturing practices. To offset the plastic we use to manufacture our products, we are redoubling our efforts to curb our environmental impact by collecting waste and turning it into Social Plastic®. The entire Horus Pharma team is proud of this offsetting technique because it shines a light on our collective commitment to sustainable and responsible practices in the pharmaceutical sector and helps to address social issues.”

The initiative is a key pillar of Horus Pharma’s Eco’Ophtalmo programme encompassing all its environmental and social action and campaigns. It reflects the Company’s attachment to the Mediterranean region and the protection of its resources, and especially Egypt, a country facing very substantial challenges linked to plastic pollution.

About Horus Pharma’s Eco’ Ophtalmo programme, click here.

(*) A high percentage of the cardboard used by Horus Pharma secondary packaging is FSC-certificated.

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