IDEXX BioResearch – diagnostic services

IDEXX BioResearch offers innovative biological materials testing and laboratory animal diagnostic instruments and services. With IDEXX BioResearch, generate reliable and reproducible data and experience superior quality of service with comprehensive diagnostic tools.

IDEXX BioResearch – diagnostic services

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The use of cell lines, cell culture, tumors, and other donor samples is a key element in many areas of life science research.  However, there is a growing awareness of the deleterious effect that contaminated cell materials can cause to research. IDEXX BioResearch offers a comprehensive suite of services to address the quality and integrity of biological materials, providing key diagnostic services (PCR, pathology, parasitology, serology and microbiology). IDEXX BioResearch proposes CellCheck for the authentication and comparison of cell lines against published profiles. IDEXX BioResearch also offers the detection of an extensive list of Mycoplasma species, IMPACT testing (detection of the presence of rodent pathogens), h-IMPACT testing (detection of human pathogens of serious concern to lab personnel) or Cell line sterility testing (detection of microbial contamination). Nearly all of the testing can be done with one small vial of cells, and results are available in just 5 working days.

IDEXX BioResearch, based in the USA, has professional staff operating in diagnostic labs for over 40 years, including microbiologists, molecular biologists, geneticists, etc… Management Team is composed by Beth Ann Bauer, Cynthia Besch-Williford, Robert Livingston, Matthew Myles, Lela Riley, Earl Steffen and Marcus Crim.

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IDEXX BioResearch – biological materials testing – diagnostic services – CellCheck – Mycoplasma detectionIMPACT testing – h-IMPACT testing

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