Haplogen – haploid genetics tools

Haplogen is a biotech company constructing next generation haploid genetics tools for target discovery programs. Haplogen also supports experimental human genetics in the wider scientific community, by generating the world’s largest collection of human cell lines with thousands of clones with single inactivating mutations.

Haplogen – haploid genetics tools


Despite improved in vaccination programs, viral infectious diseases remain a major cause of mortality in Western and developing countries. For many viral infections, vaccines are not available or offer limited protection due to the rapid emergence of resistant strains. Indeed, all viruses require host factors to cause disease. Drugs inhibiting host factors instead of viral proteins are much less likely to cause drug resistance, as they cannot be mutated by the virus. However, severe technical limitations have hampered systematic identification of these host factors. Haplogen is a young biopharma company improving human health by employing a proprietary genetics technology to identify these host factors. Haplogen’s cell lines have only a single copy of each gene (haploid) so the gene function can be inactivated with a single mutation and human knockout cells can be generated with unprecedented efficiency. Haplogen’s technology platform provides a rapid and reliable method to discover novel host factors against which new drugs can be developed. Haplogen is currently targeting Influenza Virus, Common Cold, Dengue fever, Hanta/Lassa virus infections and Hepatitis C. Haplogen has recently spun out “Haplogen Genomics”, a daughter company managing all Haplogen’s cell line products. Thus, Haplogen Genomics capitalizes on haploid human cell lines and use them to generate model cell lines for functional genomics studies. Haplogen Genomics’ products include KBM-7 gene trap mutants (more than 9.400 clones affecting more than 3.700 human genes) and HAP1 CRISPR knockout cell lines (more than 1.000 HAP1 cell lines bearing frameshift mutations in coding exons).

Haplogen is based in Vienna (Austria). Management Team is composed by Georg Casari, Sebastian Nijman and Tilmann Buerckstuemmer, while Scientific Advisory Board is composed by Aaron Ciechanover, George Poste, Giulio Superti-Furga and Thijn Brummelkamp. Haplogen continues to seek investors and partnerships to apply its haploid genetics platform to the identification of drug targets and to advance its drug discovery pipeline. Haplogen believes that rigorous and innovative science is essential for moving anti-viral drug targets from discovery to clinical applications.

More about this biotech company : www.haplogen.com

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