PromoCell – cell culture experts

PromoCell is a biotech company specialized in human primary cells, stem cells and blood cells, as well as optimized cell culture media.

PromoCell – cell culture experts


PromoCell proposes a wide range of high quality human primary cells, available either cryopreserved or proliferating. Shortly after isolation, cells are cryopreserved using the unique serum-free PromoCell Cryo-SFM and an optimized computer controlled freezing profile. This technique allows high viability of the cells and defined culture conditions after thawing. PromoCell offers a collection of adult stem cells, as well as differentiated blood cells from normal human bone marrow, placenta, umbilical cord tissue, adipose tissue, cord blood or peripheral blood (mesenchymal Stem Cells, CD34+ progenitor cells, pericytes, CD133+ progenitor cells, human CD14+ monocytes (hMoCD14+-PB), mononuclear cells, etc…). Each cell lot is tested for cell type specific markers, cell morphology, population doubling time, and proliferation capacity. In addition, several tests are performed (absence of HIV 1, HBV, HIV 2, HCV, mycoplasma, fungi, bacteria, etc…).

Futhermore, PromoCell offers high quality cell culture medium and adheres to strict quality standards to produce its medium only from raw materials from strictly approved sources. PromoCell also proposes Cell Pellets stored in RNAlater (an aqueous protection solution that rapidly permeates the cells and stabilizes cellular DNA, RNA, and proteins and protects them against degradation). Each Cell Pellet is made from 1 million cells and is dissolved in 200 µl RNAlater. These Cell Pellets are very useful tools for a wide range of research applications like gene expression analysis, cell characterization studies, protein characterization experiments, etc… Moreover, under its PromoKine brand, PromoCell also provides a wide range of well proven products for cell biology research such as cell analysis reagents and kits, fluorescent dyes, cell transfection reagents, antibodies, ELISAs, mycoplasma detection kits, cytokines and growth factors, elimination reagents, etc…

PromoCell is a biotech company based in Heidelberg (Germany). PromoCell established the PromoCell Academy in 2004, thus offering courses with state-of-the-art insight and up to date trends in the Life Sciences in a professional and hands-on setting.

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