OncoDNA – deep sequencing of tumor DNA

OncoDNA is the first European company to provide personalized medicine in oncology based on the analysis of patient tumor DNA.

OncoDNA – deep sequencing of tumor DNA


Soon, every tumor will be systematically sequenced in order to get a molecular view of the genetic modifications in the tumor and thus provide personalized treatment. OncoDNA is providing a cost-effective DNA next generation sequencing applied to routine cancer care, using a wide network of experts including geneticists, molecular biologists and pharmacists for the analysis and interpretation of the tumor and advice on the best treatment possible. OncoDNA proposes OncoDEEP, a multi-step approach to deep DNA sequencing of tumor DNA. OncoDEEP allows the pan-genomic analysis of potentially actionable genes in a tumor. OncoDEEP family includes OncoDEEP DX (the routine cancer test, with all the genes linked to targeted cancer treatments currently on the market), OncoDEEP CLINICAL (wide clinical investigation cancer panel, with all the genes liked to targeted cancer treatments currently being developed), OncoDEEP Plus Package (available with both OncoDEEP DX and OncoDEEP Clinical and providing a multi-platform approach to complete the characterization of the patient’s tumor). Moreover, OncoTRACE is OncoDNA’s multi-step approach to personalized tumor biomarkers. OncoTRACE is able to monitor a patient’s cancer with high sensitivity and also give early response indicators to the treatment choice. By analyzing the mutations or rearrangements in the DNA of a patient’s tumor, OncoTRACE can provide a personalized analysis of blood biomarkers which enables quantification of tumor DNA circulating in the patient’s blood.

OncoDNA was founded by a team of experts in DNA sequencing and diagnostic analyses in oncology. Management team is composed by Jean-Pol Detiffe, Gregori Ghitti, Michäel Herman, Jean-François Laes, Pascal Vannuffel and Fabien Valenti, while Martine Piccart and Christos Sotiriou are the Scientific advisors. Board of directors is composed by François Blondel, Jean Stephenne, Jean-Pol Detiffe, Michel Petein, Micheline Streel, Jean-Michel Verhaegen and Philippe Janssens de Varebeke. OncoDNA is based in Gosselies (Belgium).

More about OncoDNA : www.oncodna.com

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