Biogenes – host cell protein assay development

BioGenes is specialized in highly sophisticated and customized antibody, immunoassay and host cell protein assay developments.

Biogenes – host cell protein assay development


BioGenes is a global leader in host cell protein (HCP) assay development and leading biopharmaceutical companies (Novartis, Merckle, Sandoz, etc…) rely on BioGenes’ HCP assay development expertise to prove drug purity. Recently, BioGenes developed CHO 360-HCP ELISA systems, greatly improving the detection of HCPs in CHO cells by employing differently prepared host cell protein antigens and antibodies from two species. This new approach helps minimizing well-known limitations of generic HCP ELISAs, including the possibility that anti-HCP antibodies might not comprehensively detect host cell proteins present in a sample. BioGenes also proposes custom antibody development (monoclonal or polyclonal), which is the core business of this biotech company since 1992. Anti-idiotypic antibodies are antibodies against the antigen binding site of another antibody. They can be used to mimic the structure of the original antigen and serve as surrogate for tumor-associated antigens in vaccination strategies. Bio Genes develops high-affinity anti-idiotypic antibodies (ideal for preclinical research) as well as antibody fragmentation service, peptide synthesis, hapten modification, modification of antibodies, etc…

BioGenes GmbH is a biotech company based in Berlin (Germany) and Management Team is composed by Alexander Knoll, Sergej Ovodov and Dagmar Schwertner. BioGenes meets the international requirements and regularities of quality assurance and animal welfare. BioGenes has been evaluated by an auditing firm to be one of the leading companies in HCP assay development. BioGenes developed long-term agreements with distributors in Canada, USA, Japan, India and Middle/South America to offer its enhanced generic HCP assay CHO 360-HCP ELISA within their respective territories. Europe and the rest of world will be served by BioGenes directly. This distribution agreements will help leverage BioGenes’ sales and marketing capabilities to establish CHO 360-HCP ELISA as the preferred generic assay for HCP detection in CHO cells.

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