Immunis Publishes Research Showing Secretomes Improve Metabolism and Muscle While Reducing Fat in Aged Models

Immunis Publishes Research Showing Secretomes Improve Metabolism and Muscle While Reducing Fat in Aged Models

Immunis Publishes Research Showing Secretomes Improve Metabolism and Muscle While Reducing Fat in Aged Models

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ClinicalTrials–Immunis Inc., a private biotechnology company developing novel secretome therapeutics for age-related diseases and immune dysfunction, announces the peer-reviewed publication of research by Immunis and the University of Utah’s Professor Micah Drummond. The study, published in Aging Cell, is entitled “Stem cell secretome-treatment improves whole-body metabolism, reduces adiposity and promotes skeletal muscle function in aged mice.” The research examines the effects of Immunis’ investigational secretome on metabolism, fat and skeletal muscle in aged mouse models.

As we age, our metabolic health declines and commonly manifests as obesity, muscle atrophy, and reduced physical function. Muscle atrophy is a leading contributor to falls, fractures, hospitalization, and comorbidities, accounting for more than $40 billion in annual health care costs in the United States alone. Additionally, sarcopenic obesity is a global health phenomenon characterized by the coexistence of excess fat mass and age-related muscle loss. There are currently no interventions to combat weight gain without compromising muscle mass, demonstrating an unmet need of addressing these adverse effects of aging.

Dr. Drummond’s independent research in aged mouse models shows that Immunis’ immunotherapy, IMMUNA, increases whole-body lean mass and reduces fat mass, while increasing muscle fiber area. Muscle quality improved such that there was an increase in muscle ‘stem’ cells, enhanced collagen turnover, more blood vessels and decreased muscle fat. IMMUNA also resulted in physiological improvements such as improved grip strength, greater energy expenditure and increased physical activity.

“I was particularly intrigued that IMMUNA seemed to have utility beyond muscle, particularly in regulating adipose tissue health and whole-body metabolism,” says principal investigator and publication author, Dr. Drummond.

IMMUNA may be a beacon of hope for humans. These data provide a solid scientific basis for which Immunis plans to test the clinical efficacy of IMMUNA in combating sarcopenic obesity, thereby increasing mobility, independence and autonomy for an improved human healthspan. Preliminary data from current clinical trials in humans are highly promising.

About Immunis Inc.

Immunis is a private biotechnology company developing a novel immunomodulatory secretome product for the various manifestations of age and disease-related immune decline. The investigational product line leverages Immunis’ leading-edge capabilities in secretome technology to deliver a product of all natural, all human immune modulators in their natural relative physiological concentrations. For additional information about Immunis’ Phase 1/2a clinical trial please visit:

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