Inocras Inc. Unveils Rebranding of Genome Insight

Inocras Inc. Unveils Rebranding of Genome Insight

Inocras Inc. Unveils Rebranding of Genome Insight

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inocras, formerly known as Genome Insight, announced today its rebranding initiative to reflect its commitment to innovation and user-centric healthcare solutions.

The AI-driven whole genome platform company, specialized in whole genome sequencing and analytics for cancer and rare diseases, has embarked on its rebranding to reinforce its dedication to shaping an “innovative tomorrow”. The rebranding accentuates its focus on “user-centric approaches” for patients, providers, and researchers, surpassing the provision of sequencing and analytics services. This strategic transformation also marks the launch of a redesigned corporate website, symbolizing a fresh chapter in the company’s evolution.

“We’ve paved the way for a future where genomic data is at the core of care by breaking down technology and cost barriers to adopt whole genome approach. Our new identity represents our commitment to unlocking the new era of precision health for everyone with whole genome insights,” said Jehee Suh, CEO of Inocras.

Founded in 2020 by a team of physician-scientists, geneticists, and bioinformaticians, the company’s goal is to transform patient care by unlocking the vast potential of genomic data. Since then, Inocras developed an IP-protected technology and proprietary whole genome bioinformatics platform while achieving operational excellence in its CLIA certified and CAP accredited lab.

With its new identity, the company is poised to launch its two diagnostic products, CancerVision and RareVision, on a global scale in April 2024. These launches will be accompanied by the introduction of an innovative delivery model: a patient-centric whole genome platform. Additionally, throughout the year, Inocras plans to unveil further whole genome-based diagnostic products, addressing critical care gaps in cancer and rare/neurological disease areas.

“At Inocras, our commitment to advancing patient care and driving groundbreaking research remains unwavering. With our rebranding as Inocras, we reaffirm our dedication to delivering exceptional service to our customers while introducing groundbreaking products that have the potential to revolutionize disease understanding and treatment,” added Jehee Suh.

About Inocras Inc:

Inocras Inc. (formerly Genome Insight Inc.) is a pioneering provider of whole genome sequencing and analytics services for cancer and rare diseases. The company is dedicated to unlocking the potential of genomic data to enable precision health for everyone.


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