Isarna Therapeutics – selective TGF-β inhibitors

Isarna Therapeutics is a biotech company developing selective TGF-β inhibitors to fight cancer and to effectively treat ophthalmic and fibrotic diseases.

Isarna Therapeutics – selective TGF-β inhibitors

isarna therapeutics

Human transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) is a cytokine playing an important role in key pathways such as cell differentiation, cell proliferation, immune response and tissue modeling. Because TGF-β is chronically elevated in many diseases, including ophthalmic and fibrotic diseases and cancer, it is an extremely versatile drug target throughout the body. Isarna Therapeutics is a leader in TGF-β targeted antisense therapeutics to transcend clinical response and improve patient outcomes. Isarna Therapeutics is advancing a unique pipeline of novel oligonucleotides and combination modalities to fight cancer and to effectively treat ophthalmic and fibrotic diseases. Isarna Therapeutics just announced the initiation of a Phase I clinical trial with ISTH0036, an antisense oligonucleotide selectively targeting TGF-β2 to treat advanced glaucoma. This first-in-human Phase I trial is designed to evaluate the safety and long-term tolerability of ISTH0036 in patients with advanced glaucoma undergoing filtration surgery due to uncontrollable elevated intraocular pressure. In addition to safety, patients will be monitored for intraocular pressure and visual field preservation. This trial will enroll approximately 30 patients treated with escalating doses of ISTH0036.

Isarna Therapeutics is headquartered in Germany. Management Team is composed by Philippe Calais, Michel Janicot and Eugen Leo. Isarna Therapeutics is supported by an international team of scientific advisors who are leading experts in the fields of TGF-β, translational medicine and oncology (Rosemary Akhurst, Alon Harris, Ugur Sahin, David Spalton, Walter Stark, Josep Tabernero, Rohit Varma, Michael Weller and Michael Wormstone). In addition to private investors, a number of institutional investors support Isarna Therapeutics: AT NewTec, MIG Fonds, S-Refit AG, Global Chance Fund, Global Asset Fund, Technologie Beteiligungsfonds Bayern GmbH, Technologie Beteiligungsgesellschaft and GA Beteiligungs GmbH. Isarna Therapeutics welcomes discussions on potential partnerships and collaborations.

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Isarna Therapeutics – selective TGF-β inhibitors – ISTH0036

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