Lucigen – isothermal nucleic acid amplification

Lucigen is a biotech company applying novel nucleic acid detection technology to the leading challenges of human and animal infectious disease.

Lucigen – isothermal nucleic acid amplification


Lucigen has several patents for isothermal nucleic acid amplification, giving this biotech company a technical advantage to deliver solutions to current problems in DNA cloning, sequencing, amplification, and protein expression. For instance, Lucigen’s NxSeq Technology features highly efficient DNA library prep kits for Next Generation Sequencing and an innovative 40kb mate-pair cloning kit for whole genome sequencing. This NxSeq Long Mate Pair Kit enables to finish a microbial genome with only two libraries. CloneSmart technology enables researchers to clone difficult DNA via transcription-free vectors, allowing cloning of inserts up to 200kb. Moreover, Expressioneering Technology is an entirely new way to radically simplify cloning and expressing recombinant proteins. Using in vivo homologous recombination, Expressioneering allows to clone PCR amplified DNA into Expresso vectors without the need for enzymes or purification steps. Furthermore, Lucigen is a global source for ClearColi Competent cells, enabling endotoxin-free protein expression and plasmid production. Additionally, EconoTaq DNA Polymerase has outstanding robustness and cost-effectiveness, and Lucigen’s NxGen Genomic Grade Enzymes offer superior purity and performance combined with unsurpassed value.
Lucigen Applied Sciences was founded in 1998 by David Mead. Lucigen is an ISO13485 Certified Manufacturer headquartered in the USA. Board of Directors is composed by Chris Fortune, Chris Hornung, Tim Konicek and Julie Mead. Management Team is composed by Ralph Kauten, David Mead, Jeffrey Williams, Raymond Bandziulis, Hemanth Shenoi, Kimberly Toussaint and Cindy Mielke. Lucigen has exclusive intellectual property covering isothermal nucleic acid amplification and is also actively seeking collaborators for co-development and commercialization of products for human/animal health, biosecurity and biodefense applications.

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