Medical Device MedTech Investors Database

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Whatever your sector or the development stage of your company, you’ll need to find investors to bring your business to the next level. Here we propose a Medical Device Medtech Investors Database presenting all kind of investors (Venture Capital, Family Office, Business Angels, etc.) for all sectors in Healthcare (Biotech, Pharma, Medtech, Diagnostics, Digital Health, etc.).

To find investors investing a specific sub-segment of healthcare, please check our specific databases :

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The subjects we are passionate about: 

  • Biotechnology – Pharmaceutical – Medical Device – Diagnostics – Digital Health – Biotech – Pharma – Medtech – eHealth – VetTech
  • Funding (from SeriesA to M&A) – In-Licensing / Out-Licensing of assets – Business strategy / partnerships – Distribution / Commercialization – Healthcare Venture Building – Fundraising – Healthcare investors – Pharma investors – Biotech investors – Healthcare Venture Capital – Healthcare Private Equity – Healthcare Family Office – Healthcare Business Angels Network – Pharma Venture Capital – Pharma Private Equity – Pharma Family Office – Pharma Business Angels Network – Biotech Venture Capital – Biotech Private Equity – Biotech Family Office – Biotech Business Angels Network – Medtech Venture Capital – Medtech Private Equity – Medtech Family Office – Medtech Business Angels Network – Diagnostics Venture Capital – Diagnostics Private Equity – Diagnostics Family Office – Diagnostics Business Angels Network – Digital Health Venture Capital – Digital Health Private Equity – Digital Health Family Office – Digital Health Business Angels Network
  • Amazing therapeutics products: therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) – therapeutic peptides – therapeutic small molecules – therapeutic drugs – Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) –  therapeutic mAbs – therapeutic monoclonal antibody – therapeutic peptide – therapeutic small molecule – Antibody Drug Conjugates – therapeutic drug – generics – biosimilars – medical devices – diagnostic tools – in-vitro diagnostic device – biomarkers – Gene therapy – Cell therapy 
  • Preclinical data – in-vitro studies – in-vivo studies – Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion (ADME) – Tox – Pharmacokinetics (PK) – Clinical Trials – Clinical Trial Phase I – Clinical Trial Phase II – Clinical Trial Phase III – Contract Research Organization (CRO) – preclinical CRO – Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) – cGMP Contract Manufacturing Services – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) – GMP production – Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) – non-clinical studies – Pharmaceutical Development – Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharma investors database, Therapeutics investors database, Drug Development investors database, Drug Discovery investors database, Biopharma investors database, Medical Device investors database, Medtech investors database, Digital Therapeutics investors database, Digital Health investors database, eHealth investors database, Diagnostics investors database, Biotech investors database, etc.

And we love all Healthcare sectors: Oncology, Autoinmune Diseases, COPD / Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Drug Delivery, Neurology / CNS, Infections, Hematology, Metabolism, Women’s care, Fertility, Immunology, Ophtalmology, Allergies, Regenerative Medicine, Dermatology, Asthma, etc.

Medical Device Medtech Investors Database

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Medical Device MedTech Investors Database