Medical Device MedTech Investors Database

NameCategoryCountryInvestment geographyTicket sizeWebsite
Angels SantéBusiness Angel NetworkFrance$500k - $3mWebsite
APEX VenturesVenture CapitalAustriaWebsite
BlueStone Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUSAUSAWebsite
Caixa Capital RiscVenture CapitalSpainWebsite
Collaborative FundVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Decheng capitalVenture CapitalChinaWebsite
Entree CapitalVenture CapitalUK, IsraelUSA, Europe, IsraelWebsite
Fides CapitalVenture CapitalSpainSpainWebsite
Global Health Impact FundVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
HERAN PartnersVenture CapitalBelgiumEuropeWebsite
iGan PartnersVenture CapitalCanadaWebsite
Inveready SpainVenture CapitalSpainSpainWebsite
Kaiser Permanente VenturesVenture Capital, Corporate FinanceUSAWebsite
Khosla VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Mohr Davidow VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Mutual Capital PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
New Leaf Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUSAUSAWebsite
Novo HoldingsVenture Capital, Corporate FinanceDenmarkWebsite
Octopus VenturesVenture CapitalUK$1m - $10mWebsite
OrbiMedCorporate FinanceIsrael, USAUS, India, China, IsraelWebsite
River Cities Capital FundVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Sante VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Ship2B VenturesBusiness Angel Network, Venture CapitalSpainSpainWebsite
Solas BioVenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Verge Capital Management - Verge HealthTech FundVenture CapitalSingaporeWebsite
Versant venturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
VLX VenturesVenture CapitalIsraelIsrael$500k - $1mWebsite
Boyu CapitalVenture CapitalChina, Hong KongChina
BOLD Capital PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Dreamit VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
AIR STREET CAPITALVenture CapitalUKWebsite
MBX CapitalVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Ayce CapitalVenture Capital, Business Angel NetworkSpainSpainWebsite
MSD CapitalFamily OfficeUSAWebsite
Vandewater Capital HoldingsFamily OfficeUSAWebsite
Inbox CapitalFamily OfficeSwedenWebsite
Ligo PartnersFamily OfficeUSA, MonacoWebsite
Pegasus Tech VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWorldwideWebsite
ALIVE Israel HealthTech FundVenture CapitalIsraelWebsite
Good Growth CapitalVenture CapitalUSAUSAWebsite
Golden SeedsVenture CapitalUSA$250k - $2mWebsite
Band of AngelsBusiness Angel NetworkUSAWebsite
Astia AngelsBusiness Angel NetworkUK, USAWorldwide$50k - $10mWebsite
Reno Seed FundVenture CapitalUSAUSA - NevadaWebsite
IT-FarmVenture CapitalJapanWebsite
Berkeley Angel NetworkBusiness Angel NetworkUSAWebsite
Ambit Health VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Wolverine Venture FundVenture CapitalUSAUSA$50k - $200kWebsite
Willamette Valley CapitalVenture CapitalUSAUSAWebsite
IAG Capital PartnersVenture CapitalUSAUSAWebsite
China Investment CorporationVenture CapitalChinaChinaWebsite
EDBIVenture CapitalSingaporeWebsite
Sky Ventures GroupVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Thynk CapitalVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Odyssee VentureVenture CapitalFranceFrance$1m - $5mWebsite
NovX CapitalVenture CapitalFranceWebsite
Crédit Mutuel InnovationCorporate Finance, Venture CapitalFranceFrance$1m- $20mWebsite
GGV CapitalVenture CapitalUSAUSAWebsite
Norwest Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
TBJ InvestmentsFamily OfficeUSAWebsite
BioVentures InvestorsVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
WUTIF Capital - Western Universities Technology Innovation Fund (WUTIF)Venture Capital, Business Angel NetworkCanadaCanadaWebsite
Teralys CapitalVenture CapitalCanadaCanadaWebsite
Lumira VenturesVenture CapitalCanadaUSA, CanadaWebsite
AurorA ScienceVenture CapitalItalyWebsite
IST cubeVenture CapitalAustriaWebsite
Crista Galli VenturesVenture CapitalUKWebsite
B&C Innovation InvestmentsVenture CapitalAustriaAustriaWebsite
Felicis VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Rakuten CapitalVenture Capital, Corporate FinanceJapanWebsite
Biomatics CapitalVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Empactful CapitalVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Wells Fargo Strategic CapitalVenture Capital, Corporate FinanceUSAWebsite
ONSET VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
White FundVenture CapitalBelgiumWebsite
KaristaVenture CapitalFrance$500k - $5mWebsite
Alta PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Venturangi CapitalVenture CapitalSpainSpain$150k - $600kWebsite
Illumina VenturesVenture Capital, Corporate FinanceUSAWebsite
InnovestorVenture CapitalFinlandNordics countries (Europe)Website
AIP Private CapitalVenture CapitalCanadaWebsite
Boutique Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Scale Asia VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & ByersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Maison CapitalVenture CapitalChinaChinaWebsite
Lake Bleu CapitalVenture CapitalHong KongChinaWebsite
SAMBRINVESTVenture CapitalBelgiumBelgium - CharleroiWebsite
CincyTechVenture CapitalUSAUSA - OhioWebsite
Vulpes Investment ManagementFamily OfficeSingaporeWebsite
Oxford Sciences InnovationVenture CapitalUKUKWebsite
Trousdale CapitalVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Avista Capital PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Entrepreneurs FundVenture CapitalUKWebsite
Northpond VenturesVenture CapitalUSAUSA + EuropeWebsite
Invest-NLVenture CapitalNetherlandsNetherlandsWebsite
Future Capital AG Hessen Life Sciences ChemieVenture CapitalGermanyEuropeWebsite
AMINO CAPITALVenture CapitalUSAUSA & CanadaWebsite
Alabaster - Alabaster CapitalVenture CapitalUSAUSA & CanadaWebsite
Threshold Impact - ThresholdImpactVenture CapitalCanadaCanada & USAWebsite
Wharton Alumni AngelsBusiness Angel NetworkUSAWebsite
Bluesky EquitiesVenture CapitalCanadaWebsite
Artesian VC - Artesian (Alternative Investments)Venture CapitalAustraliaWebsite
Welltech VenturesVenture CapitalIsraelWebsite
Tellus BioVenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
ACF InvestorsVenture CapitalUKUKWebsite
Fonds de Solidarite FTQVenture CapitalCanadaCanada ( Quebec )Website
Assymetry Capital - Assymetry Capital ManagementVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Wisdomont Asset ManagementVenture CapitalChinaChinaWebsite
KaiTai CapitalVenture CapitalChinaChina, USAWebsite
JAZZ Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Manta Ray VenturesVenture CapitalUKWorldwide$500k - $12mWebsite
KULCZYK INVESTMENTSFamily OfficeLuxembourgWorldwideWebsite
SpeedUp Venture Capital GroupVenture CapitalPolandEurope$50k - $5mWebsite
Blackstone Life SciencesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Orchard Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
OCVVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Triathlon Medical Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUSAUSA (Midwest)Website
Sherpa Venture CapitalVenture CapitalChinaChinaWebsite
Sphera FundVenture CapitalIsraelIsraelWebsite
Anges QuebecBusiness Angel NetworkCanadaCanadaWebsite
Osage University Partners (OUP)Venture CapitalUSAUSAWebsite
Accelerate New York Seed FundVenture CapitalUSAUSA (New-York)Website
Med-Fine CapitalVenture CapitalChinaChinaWebsite
Renaissance Venture CapitalVenture CapitalUSAUSA (Michigan)Website
Korea Investment PartnersVenture CapitalKoreaKorea, USA, ChinaWebsite
Ally Bridge GroupVenture CapitalHong KongChina, USA, EuropeWebsite
Irving investorsVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
B-to-V Partners - BtoV PartnersVenture CapitalGermanyEurope$100k - $1mWebsite
INNOventureVenture CapitalPolandPolandWebsite
SANTÉ - Santé VentureVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Cathay CapitalVenture CapitalFranceNorth America, Asia, Europe and AfricaWebsite
Sangel CapitalVenture CapitalChinaChinaWebsite
Spex CapitalVenture CapitalUKWebsite
Horizons VenturesVenture CapitalChinaWebsite
SFC CapitalVenture CapitalUKUKWebsite
Foothill VenturesVenture CapitalUSAUSAWebsite
YuanBio Venture CapitalVenture CapitalChinaChinaWebsite
HarmonixVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
OCA VenturesVenture CapitalUSAUSAWebsite
Next Act FundBusiness Angel NetworkUSAWebsite
Lunsford CapitalVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
CAPITA3Venture CapitalUSAWebsite
MedMountain VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
NordicNinja VCVenture CapitalFinlandEurope (Nordics and Baltics)$1m - $4mWebsite
Mint VenturesBusiness Angel NetworkScotlandWebsite
Castor VenturesBusiness Angel NetworkUSAUSA (MIT)Website
MetaplanetVenture CapitalEstoniaWebsite
Brightstone Venture CapitalVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Revelation PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Magnetic VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
6 Dimensions CapitalVenture CapitalChinaUSA, Europe, China, IsraelWebsite
Red Tree Venture CapitalVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Digitalis VenturesVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
NowtureVenture CapitalSpainWebsite
Nara CapitalVenture CapitalSpainEurope$100k - $500kWebsite
Clave CapitalVenture CapitalSpainSpainWebsite
CBC GroupVenture CapitalSingaporeAsia, Europe, USAWebsite
VA AngelsBusiness Angel NetworkCanadaCanadaWebsite
ScienceVestVenture CapitalUSA$100k - $200kWebsite
i&i Biotech FundVenture CapitalLuxembourgEuropeWebsite
Intempo VenturesVenture CapitalIsraelWebsite
Aberdare VenturesVenture CapitalUSA$500k - $15mWebsite
Clarus Ventures - Clarus FundsVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Alumni VenturesBusiness Angel NetworkUSAUSAWebsite
Practica CapitalVenture CapitalLithuaniaBaltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Baltic-origin (e.g. Baltic diaspora) ventures in Europe$200k - $1,5mWebsite
Supermoon CapitalVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
PTX CapitalVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
TCP Venture CapitalVenture CapitalUSAUSA - BaltimoreWebsite
Labcorp Venture FundCorporate Finance, Venture CapitalUSAWebsite
Blue Ox Healthcare PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite
Arsenal Capital PartnersVenture CapitalUSAWebsite

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Whatever your sector or the development stage of your company, you’ll need to find investors to bring your business to the next level. Here we propose a Medical Device Medtech Investors Database presenting all kind of investors (Venture Capital, Family Office, Business Angels, etc.) for all sectors in Healthcare (Biotech, Pharma, Medtech, Diagnostics, Digital Health, etc.).

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  • Preclinical data – in-vitro studies – in-vivo studies – Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion (ADME) – Tox – Pharmacokinetics (PK) – Clinical Trials – Clinical Trial Phase I – Clinical Trial Phase II – Clinical Trial Phase III – Contract Research Organization (CRO) – preclinical CRO – Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) – cGMP Contract Manufacturing Services – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) – GMP production – Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) – non-clinical studies – Pharmaceutical Development – Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharma investors database, Therapeutics investors database, Drug Development investors database, Drug Discovery investors database, Biopharma investors database, Medical Device investors database, Medtech investors database, Digital Therapeutics investors database, Digital Health investors database, eHealth investors database, Diagnostics investors database, Biotech investors database, etc.

And we love all Healthcare sectors: Oncology, Autoinmune Diseases, COPD / Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Drug Delivery, Neurology / CNS, Infections, Hematology, Metabolism, Women’s care, Fertility, Immunology, Ophtalmology, Allergies, Regenerative Medicine, Dermatology, Asthma, etc.

Medical Device Medtech Investors Database

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Medical Device MedTech Investors Database