Mobio – RNA purification and isolation method

Mobio Laboratories is a world leader in Soil DNA and RNA Isolation and one of the fastest growing companies in Life Science.

Mobio – RNA purification and isolation method


Mobio Laboratories is developing innovative tools for researchers in Molecular Biology. Mobio’s PowerMAX DNA Isolation kits and RNA PowerSoil kits are among the most innovative products in the biotech marketplace, by effectively removing humic acid inhibitors of PCR present in soil samples. Mobio’s line of soil and microbial isolation kits are now the method of choice among environmental and microbiology researchers studying microbial DNA in soil samples. Mobio Laboratories also offers some of the fastest kits on the market for DNA isolation and purification. Indeed, its UltraClean 6 Minute Plasmid Mini Prep, the UltraClean PCR Clean-up Kit (only 3 minutes per reaction), and the UltraClean GelSpin Kit (only 5 minutes per reaction) are widely used by researchers. Mobio also produces a full line of nucleic acid isolation and purification products in mini, midi, maxi and 96 well formats (Plasmid Minipreps, Large Scale Plasmid Preps, Endotoxin-Free Plasmid DNA Isolation, Endotoxin-Free Reagents, etc…). Mobio also offers Genomic DNA Isolation kits (Soil DNA Isolation, Microbial DNA Isolation, Biofilm DNA Isolation, Food DNA Isolation, Water DNA Isolation, Fecal DNA Isolation, Plant DNA Isolation, Tissue & Cells DNA Isolation, Blood DNA Isolation, Forensic DNA Isolation, etc…) but also RNA Isolation kits (Microbial RNA Isolation, Soil RNA Isolation, Biofilm RNA Isolation, Plant RNA Isolation, Fecal RNA Isolation, Tissue & Cells RNA Isolation, Blood RNA Isolation, etc…), DNA/RNA Clean-Up, Growth Media, Enzymes, etc…

Mobio Laboratories is a privately held biotech company located in the San Diego biotech corridor (Carlsbad, USA) and was founded in 1993. Initially a small business start-up, Mobio Laboratories has grown into a multi-million dollar operation with international production, research, and distribution. Mobio Laboratories is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Management Team is composed by Mark Brolaski (CEO) and Liz Brolaski (CFO). The founders and employees of Mobio Laboratories are dedicated to the preservation of the environment and to bettering the quality of the Earth through science.

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