Nerviano – antibody drug conjugate

Nerviano is a biotech company identifying innovative agents for clinical development in areas of unmet medical needs in Oncology.

Nerviano – antibody drug conjugate


Nerviano Medical Sciences (NMS) aims to advance the way in which cancer is treated and contribute towards making cancer a more manageable disease for caregivers and patients. From the discovery phase to clinical phase II, Nerviano is devoted to the understanding of cancer pathogenetic and maintenance mechanisms, in order to discover and develop novel molecules against cancers. Nerviano benefits from its long standing heritage of research and development performed on three key components of antibody drug conjugate (ADC) molecules: drug/payload, linker and targeting carrier. Indeed, several drugs/payloads are developed, including microtubule binders, intercalating agents, DNA minor groove binders, topoisomerase I inhibitors, etc… Various linker molecules have been generated and characterized, including uncleavable and cleavable (acidic, proteolytic, redox cleavage, etc…). Furthermore, several carriers can be used, including synthetic polymers and proteins. Nerviano also offers an extensive characterization of the resulting Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), including internalization testing, affinity measurements, confirmation of antiproliferative activity in cells, efficacy testing in animal models, etc… Additionally, Nerviano provides GLP-compliant PK, metabolism and toxicology studies in rodent and non-rodent species, manufacturing of sterile products under high containment, GMP API production and formulation, etc… Nerviano’s projects portfolio includes a number of anticancer compounds in Phase I-II clinical trials and advanced preclinical development. Moreover, various discovery programs are ongoing, including in collaboration with external partners.

Nerviano Medical Sciences is the largest Italian biotech company innovating in oncology. With 500 employees in total, NMS Group employs over 200 qualified researchers involved in research and development, from target validation to phase II clinical trials. Board of Directors is composed by Alberto Sciumè, Luciano Baielli, Carlo Croce and Katia Martino. NMS also provides services of Research and Production: Accelera, engaged in preclinical research; Clioss engaged in clinical development starting from First-Time-In-Man; and Nerpharma, dealing with activities from formulation to production of the active principle.

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