One World Lab – antibody validation

One World Lab aims to simplify the antibody validation process by providing access to smaller aliquot sizes for testing and bringing multiple vendors together in a single place. Thus, One World Lab offers low-cost, validation size aliquots for comparison.

One World Lab – antibody validation

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Before discoveries, tools must be validated and confirmed as being effective for each individual target and project. And validating the best antibody for a given target from dozens of suppliers can often leads to huge delays and wasting money. One World Lab (OWL) minimizes the risk of wasting money on antibodies that may not be ideal. One World Lab simplifies the antibody validation process by providing access to small aliquot sizes from multiple suppliers. OWL offers 10ug sample aliquots from more than 30 original manufacturers and has more than 60.000 antibodies in its catalog. One World Lab sells 10ug aliquots for just $50 so that researchers don’t have to buy expensive full size vials for validation experiments. Furthermore, when researchers participate in the review section, they receive up to 20% off for any full size vial in the catalog.
Through the secure OWL’s portal, researchers can share data, annotate information and maintain records of product performance, either with the entire research community or with selected collaborators in private workrooms. Researchers can refer back to their historical information at any time to remember past experiences with particular antibodies, learn more about the experiences of others and take advantage of financial incentives from OWL for being a part of the community.

One World Lab was established in 2010 and is based in San Diego (USA). OWL’s sample inventory is electronically monitored for both abundance and quality, ensuring that you have access to the samples you need, when you need them. And One World Lab is committed in offering only original antibodies from original manufacturers. Video presenting One World Lab :

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