Ayoxxa – innovative platform for protein multiplexing

Ayoxxa is a biotech company offering a revolutionary technology platform for protein multiplexing. Getting more relevant results within a short period of time makes Ayoxxa’s technology highly efficient.

Ayoxxa – innovative platform for protein multiplexing


Ayoxxa offers innovative products and services to gain new insights in proteomics. Ayoxxa leverages success in proteomics by combining the advantages of ELISA and multiplexing. This innovative technology requires as little as 3µL of sample volume, thus creating lots of possibilities for multiplex analysis in research areas where sample availability is a limiting factor. In-situ encoded bead array (IEBA) is a novel multiplex protein assay based on antibody coated microspheres on a planar surface (chip). Single bead families carrying capture antibodies specific for different target proteins are sequentially deposited, creating a unique pattern in each well. This assay follows the sandwich ELISA principle, including a read-out based on a fluorescent reporter at the final step of the process. Using fluorescence microscope technology, Ayoxxa’s analysis software allocates every fluorescent signal to its respective antibody coated microsphere returning a tailor-made report to the customer. Ayoxxa’s software is built to let the customer choose the features they need, ranging from easy access to raw data to complete customizable reporting, including information on standard curves, sensitivity, variance, recovery rates, etc… This plug and play approach can be easily integrated into daily lab routines without spending a lot of time and resources. Due to its reduced degree of complexity, In-situ encoded bead arrays are easy to handle and the results are less prone to error. Ayoxxa is continuously expanding its biomarker portfolio. For instance, Ayoxxa has standardized a 12-plex bioassay for the detection of cytokines in human serum.

Ayoxxa was founded by Andreas Schmidt (CEO) and Dieter Trau (CSO). Michael Rasche and Markus Zumbansen complete the management team. Supervisory Board is composed by Rainer Christine, Karsten Fischer, Regina Hodits, Christian Leikert, Andreas Schmidt and Rodney Turner. Ayoxxa is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS, in 2010) and they have Global Headquarters office in Cologne (Germany) and research facilities in Singapore. With approximately 30 persons in the team, Ayoxxa is relentlessly working on leveraging success in proteomics.

More about Ayoxxa : www.ayoxxa.com

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