Syngene – gel imaging and analysis systems

Syngene is a biotech company offering a wide range of equipment for instant gel documentation, automated chemiluminescence imaging and TLC plate reading.

Syngene – gel imaging and analysis systems


Syngene’s systems vary in size, specification and price, but they all have one thing in common: they generate accurate results in seconds. Syngene’s 1D or 2D imaging systems are used in many different life-science labs worldwide. Syngene also includes software upgrades which can be downloaded freely for each imaging systems. In today’s ever-changing world where better dyes to improve DNA/protein gel imaging and new Western blot imaging methods are constantly appearing, it’s reassuring to know you can rely on Syngene to get the very best imaging systems, not just today but also tomorrow!

Syngene has a wide range of gel doc systems for entry-level and basic application use. These systems are ideal for DNA/RNA fluorescence and 1D protein imaging. Syngene also proposes advanced gel doc systems, covering a wider range of applications (DNA, 1D and 2D gels, chemiluminescence, colored fluorescence, multiplex applications, etc…). All systems use high performing cameras with exceptional sensitivity thus ensuring high quality imaging. These advanced systems are fully automated and application driven to enable the user to obtain quantitative results quickly and easily. Blue light transilluminators allows researchers to eliminate safety concerns and minimize damage to fluorescent samples (SYBR Safe, UltraSafe Blue, etc…). Furthermore, Syngene proposes a wide variety of reagents and fluorescent dyes, providing the complete solution for the visualization and detection of DNA/RNA or protein in gels and on membranes. Syngene’s Dymension software analyses typical 2D gel images rapidly, using a novel algorithm for background subtraction, noise filtering, spot detection and reduced image editing time. Futhermore, GeneTools automatic image analysis software is supplied with all Syngene systems, and GeneDirectory data storage and extended band matching software provides powerful databasing capabilities for large scale genomic fingerprinting studies, genotyping and cluster analysis.

Syngene is a division of Synoptics Ltd, founded in 1985 by imaging experts from the University of Cambridge. Other divisions in the Synoptics Group, Synbiosis and Syncroscopy, develop imaging solutions for microbial and microscopy applications, confirming Synoptics Group as a complete life science imaging specialist. Syngene is based in UK, USA, India and Cyprus, and supported by an international network of over 60 highly-trained distributors. Syngene’s systems are used worldwide by more than 75.000 scientists on top pharmaceutical companies and major research institutes.

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