Premier Biosoft – innovative software in life sciences

Premier Biosoft is a biotech company dedicated to accelerating research in life sciences. Premier Biosoft studies the most recent innovations in biology research and translates them into software products to aid researchers worldwide.

Premier Biosoft – innovative software in life sciences

Premier Biosoft

Premier Biosoft is specialized in software development, design, testing and maintenance and offers innovative custom informatics solutions to biotech companies and laboratories (database solutions, data analysis, statistical analysis, GUI development, etc…). For instance, Premier Biosoft offers ProteoIQ software. ProteoIQ is a proteomics software for validation and quantification of proteins, combining results from database search engines and mass spectrometry platforms. ProteoIQ is able to support label free, isotopic and isobaric quantification. MALDIVision is a bioinformatics tool for MALDI IMS technology. MALDIVision facilitates data processing, visualization and analysis of spatial distribution of individual ions across the sampled locations on a tissue section. SimGlycan is an innovative mass spec data analysis tool predicting the glycan structure and generating a list of probable glycans that closely match the given mass spec profile. SimLipid is a high throughput lipid identification tool supporting LC-MS and LC-MS/ MS high throughput data processing methods and providing a platform for further qualitative and quantitative data analysis. SimVector 4.60 is a DNA analysis and plasmid map drawing software to draw vector quality plasmid maps and generating publication quality vector graphics. SimVector 4.60 also performs restriction enzyme analysis. PrimerPlex designs primers for Multiplex PCR and multiplex SNP genotyping assays, while Xpression Primer 3.11 design thousands of primers for high throughput expression cloning.

Premier Biosoft was founded in 1994 and is based in USA. Scientific Advisory Board includes John Wiktorowicz, Michael Tiemeyer and Gregory Shipley, while Management’s Team is compased by Arun Apte (CEO) and Shonali Paul (COO). Premier Biosoft has marketing partnerships with several prestigious companies (Bio-Rad, AB SCIEX, bioMérieux, Biolegio, Genosys, Sigma-Aldrich, MRC-Holland, ISU Abxis, OptiGene, PrimeSyn, PamGene, Protein Biotechnologies, TATAA Biocenter, Thermo Scientific, Techne, UNITMA, Veridiam, Waters Corporation, etc…). Premier Biosoft is a development centric company evolving with customers’ needs. Premier Biosoft’s first product, Primer Premier, is now in its sixth major enhancement, and newer products, like Array Designer and Beacon Designer, are unique in the market.

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