Prior Scientific – microscope automation

Prior Scientific is a biotech company specialized in microscope automation and optical microscopy.

Prior Scientific – microscope automation

Prior Scientific

Prior Scientific designs and manufactures several scientific instrumentations, especially in microscope automation and optical microscopy. Prior Scientific offers nanopositioning tools for researchers utilizing deconvolution and 3D imaging. NanoScanZ has several innovative focusing options (ES10ZE focus controller, focus blocks, Z focus drives, nanopositioning Piezo Z stages, laser autofocus units, Z encoder probes, LF210 Inspection Stations, etc…). This NanoScanZ optimizes the speed of the newest digital cameras and accomplishes in milliseconds what used to take seconds for conventional rotary focus drives. Prior Scientific also proposes an incubation system for NanoScanZ, thus providing a perfectly stable and optimized environment to maintain the cells during long time lapse experiments. This incubation system for NanoScanZ possesses a range of controllers allowing precise control of temperature, pH and CO2 concentration. Furthermore, Prior Scientific proposes Lumen 1600, designed to produce the very best in fluorescent imaging. The Lumen 1600 provides high quality LED light for a vast range of applications and is a flexible, easy to use tool. Moreover, Prior Scientific offers micromanipulators designed to provide high positioning stability and noise free recordings. These characteristics are achieved through unique linear piezo drives and a small compact design. Combined with the Z-Deck, these products provide an excellent basis for electrophysiology experiments. Additionally, Prior Scientific proposes the PLW20 well plate loader system. Adaptable to most modern inverted microscopes, the simple, rugged and compact PLW20 provides three independently controlled and encoded axes for rotational, vertical and horizontal movement.
Prior Scientific is a biotech company founded in 1919 and based in USA, UK, Japan and Germany. Its commitment to engineering excellence is reflected by the performance and quality of its broad product portfolio. Prior also offers OEM and customized solutions tailored to individual requirements.

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