Gene Codes – bioinformatics solutions for DNA sequence analysis

Gene Codes is a leading biotech company developing bioinformatics solutions for DNA Sequence Analysis.  Its primary product is Sequencher, a DNA Sequence Analysis Software.

Gene Codes – bioinformatics solutions for DNA sequence analysis

Gene Codes

Gene Codes is an international bioinformatics company specialized in developing scientist-friendly tools for DNA sequence analysis. Gene Codes’ success is built on customer-driven product development, combining rigorous quality control, the latest programming techniques and an open dialogue with customers. The variance table was developed by Gene Codes and soon became a key element for forensic sequencing of mtDNA. Gene Codes also developed the Assemble to Reference Sequence strategy that is widely used to speed up assembly and assign base-numbering systems to new data. Gene Codes is continuously working on improving the productivity of Sanger sequencing and focusing on integrating those features with the latest tools for next-generation DNA sequence alignment. Whether you work with Next-Gen Sequencing or Sanger Sequencing, you need to compare your results with publically available data. Sequencher Connections is ideal for a detailed analysis across multiple databases, such as GSNAP for reference-guided alignment, Velvet for de novo assembly, Cufflinks for RNA-Seq Differential Expression or Tablet for visualization. Gene Codes is committed to bringing you a wide variety of alignment and assembly algorithms published in peer-reviewed journals, but making them accessible to non-engineers. The Sequencher interface helps you select options, set values, and learn the available functionality with descriptions and tool tips.

Gene Codes Corporation was founded in 1991, when it introduced its groundbreaking Sequencher software for sequence analysis. Gene Codes is an enthusiastic bioinformatics company based in New York (USA) and Brighton (UK). Gene Codes serves the needs of industrial, academic and government-based biotechnology groups across the globe.

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Gene Codes – bioinformatics solutions for DNA sequence analysis – Sanger sequencing – next-generation DNA sequence alignment – Sequencher

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