Medigene – personalized immunotherapies

Medigene is a biotech company focusing on the development of personalized T-cell immunotherapies. Medigene develops highly innovative treatment platforms concentrating on haematological malignancies, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Medigene – personalized immunotherapies


Immunotherapies are considered to be a promising new option for the treatment of cancers. The huge increase in understanding human immune system functions over the past decades enable to directly influence it in a specific way, resulting in innovative treatment strategies for cancer. Immunotherapies activate, stimulate, influence and optimize the natural immune response in order to allow immune cells to successfully combat cancer long term. Medigene concentrates on the development of personalized T-cell immunotherapies with focus on haematological malignancies. T-cells play a major role in human immune response, as effector cells which directly combat, kill and eliminate tumor cells. The specific activation, stimulation, strengthening and improvement of T-cell specificity is a modern therapy approach which allows for effective, long-lasting treatment of cancer. Medigene is working on three complementary personalized immunotherapy strategies for the treatment of different stages and types of cancer. Medigene has several advanced drug candidates clinical development. For instance, Veregen is an innovative drug used to treat external genital warts. Veregen is based on a defined extract from green tea leaves obtained in a highly complex and specifically developed process. Veregen is currently available in the US, in 15 European countries as well as in Taiwan and Canada and was approved in further countries. The sales generated with Veregen are continually rising and making a valuable contribution to financing Medigene.

Medigene was founded in 1994 as a Munich Gene Center spin-off and based in Germany. Executive Board is composed by Frank Mathias, Peter Llewellyn-Davies and Dolores Schendel, while Supervisory Board is composed by Horst Domdey, Dave Lemus and Yita Lee. Medigene already acquired several companies (NeuroVir, Munich Biotech AG, Avidex and Trianta Immunotherapies GmbH). Since June 2000, Medigene is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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Medigene – personalized T-cell immunotherapies – personalized immunotherapies

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