ProSci – affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies

ProSci is a biotech company specialized in affinity-purified peptide-specific polyclonal antibodies production in fields such as signal transduction, apoptosis, neurobiology and immunology. ProSci also offers a complete assortment of cell lysates, tissue lysates, peptides, etc…

ProSci – affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies


ProSci offers more than 17.000 different antibodies, either monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies, from different host species (rabbit, mouse, chicken, goat, etc…). All ProSci antibodies are stringently validated for specific applications. ProSci Detection Sets contain several antibodies against members in the same gene family (such as death receptors, BH3-only proteins, IKKs, etc…) and thus represent a great way to save both time and money. Most of the polyclonal antibodies proposed by Pro Sci are affinity-purified, allowing the isolation of antibodies specific to the epitope of interest. Therefore, ProSci’s antibodies have nearly the same specificity as monoclonal antibodies but at a price well below competitors’ polyclonal antibodies. Pro Sci also offers additional products, including control antibodies, antibody-coated beads for immunoprecipitation, streptavidin reagents, etc… Furthermore, Pro Sci proposes a wide array of secondary antibody conjugates for use in many different immunoassays. To enhance the value and accuracy of its custom antibodies, Pro Sci offers a wide range of immunochemistry services, including antigen design assistance, peptide synthesis, antibody characterization, protein conjugation, IgG and affinity purification, Mass Spectrometry, Western Blot, ELISA and Immunohistochemistry. Moreover, Pro Sci proposes a wide variety of ready-to-use tissue lysates and cell lysates for proteomics research applications. Pro Sci also offers normal, tumor, and abnormal tissue slides or panels from multiple organs and a variety of cell lines from human, mouse or rat. Additionally, ProSci offers an extensive product line of soluble and functional recombinant proteins.

ProSci Incorporated is a privately-held biotech company based in San Diego, California (USA) and with several distributors worldwide. Pro Sci is focused in antibody research products, custom antibody, immunochemistry services and research programs. Thus, ProSci is able to provide innovative products at competitive pricing, practical experience, high-quality research tools and customized services.

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