AMSBIO – tissue products

AMSBIO proposes one of the biggest range of tissue products from a single source (RNA, DNA, protein, tissue sections, arrays, etc…). These tools are available from diseased or normal sources.

AMSBIO – tissue products


AMSBIO is a biotech company offering a wide range of technical solutions and specialized in genomics, proteomics, cell culture and stem cells. Key areas include invasion, cell migration, adhesion and proliferation, with several platforms available for high content analysis. Growing cells in 3D is physiologically relevant and lots of innovative products and technology for 3-D cell culture are now commercialized by AMSBIO. Such products are good alternatives to the use of animals in biomedical research and are widely used in regenerative medicine therapy and cancer research. AMSBIO now proposes a non-integrating strategy for reprogramming stem cell fate based on the administration of synthetic modified mRNA. This technology greatly increases efficiency whilst reducing the innate antiviral response of viral protocols. Moreover, AMSBIO is a leading supplier of Newborn Human Foreskin Fibroblasts (NuFFs) and Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (MEFs) for mouse and human pluripotent stem cell culture (ES and iPS). AMSBIO also offers superior magnetic products for purification in proteomics or genomics applications. High quality magnetic silica beads are coated with Steptavidin, Protein G, Protein A or other ligands, and allow the isolation of specific target molecules or cells out of a complex matrix. Furthermore, AMSBIO provides standardized DNA Damage quantitation with the CometAssay Electrophoresis System. The CometAssay or single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE) is a technique to easily and rapidly quantitate DNA fragmentation associated with DNA damage caused by apoptosis and cytotoxicity. CometAssay can be used in the field of human biomonitoring, genotoxicity testing, cellular response to DNA damage, or for screening cancer therapeutics.

AMSBIO was founded in 1987 by Sandy Allan and Alex Sim. AMSBIO is based in UK, USA, Germany and Switzerland. These locations provide the logistics and distribution services as well as housing a multi lingual marketing. AMSBIO’s mission is to be a profitable premier provider of quality life science research reagents and services helping customers to develop new methods, processes, products or drugs.

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AMSBIO – tissue products – tissue sections – Newborn Human Foreskin Fibroblasts – NuFFs – Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts – MEFs – CometAssay Electrophoresis System

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