Mimetas – organ-on-a-chip

Mimetas offers the second best cell-based model after humans, using human cells growing in three-dimensional structures. Mimetas combines different cell types, revealing relevant interactions within tissues, and continuously perfused cells with growth medium. Mimetas can also connect multiple organ functions, for example liver and kidney, with its OrganoPlate technology.

Mimetas – organ-on-a-chip


Mimetas’ OrganoPlates are microfluidics‐based culture plates allowing culturing and screening of a range of organ and tissue models. All OrganoPlates are based on industry-standard 384-well microplates and fully pipette operatable. The materials used assure a free optical path and full compatibility with all microscopy and readout equipments (confocal microscopy, luminescent readers, etc…). OrganoPlates employ a unique patented liquid handling technology: PhaseGuides. As it is a passive valving technique, no moving parts are required and plate functionality is fully programmed by its geometry. PhaseGuides enable precise definition of cells in culture matrix in three dimensions for better readout and quantification. OrganoPlates are compatible with industrial screening robots and high-content imaging equipment. OrganoPlates serve as early stage screening models, as well as predicting drug efficacy and toxic side effects. Mimetas offers standardized OrganoPlates, including OrganoPlate 9601(3D cell culture – 96 single cultures single perfusion), OrganoPlate 7201 (adjacent co-cultures – single perfusion), OrganoPlate 7202 (separated co-culture – single perfusion) and OrganoPlate 6401 (gradient formation – 64 cultures – dual perfusion). Mimetas also proposes custom designed plates, according to clients’ specifications (extra lanes, shifting one or more gel lanes, adding channel networks for one-shot delivery of reagents, etc…).

Mimetas is a spin-off company from the University of Leiden and its products are a unique combination of biotech and engineering. Mimetas is based in Leiden (Netherlands) and Rockville (USA) and Management Team is composed by Paul Vulto and Jos Joore. PhaseGuides platforms are the most cost-effective microfluidic liquid handling platform currently available. OrganoPlates are designed to make Organ-on-a-Chip technology affordable and available for non-specialized end-users.

More about Mimetas : www.mimetas.com

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