RayBiotech – antibody arrays

RayBiotech is a biotech company focusing on development and commercialization of innovative tools for proteomics and genomics research. RayBiotech provides proteins, antibodies and immunological kits (cytokine antibody arrays) as well as services.

RayBiotech – antibody arrays


Many biological processes (inflammation, apoptosis, angiogenesis, immune response, etc…) are accompanied by changes in cytokine expression levels. Due to the extensive cross-talk between cytokines, a complete analysis of biological responses must be obtained through multiplex assays. Antibody arrays allow a much broader view of protein activities than can be obtained with single-target ELISAs and Western blots. RayBiotech introduced the first commercially available cytokine antibody array. RayBiotech also offers a comprehensive custom service program, providing a full complement of biomarker discovery services (biostatistics, bioinformatics, assay development services, custom antibody and protein production, etc…). The development of the biomarkers for translational medicine is a multistep process, and RayBiotech’s experts can assist you in each step of this process (experimental design, biomarker candidate screening, biomarker candidate validation, translation to clinical applications, etc…). Furthermore, RayBiotech recently launched the largest commercially available glycan microarray for profiling protein-carbohydrate interactions. This RayBio(R) Glycan Array 100 features 100 synthetic glycans discretely spotted onto a glass slide support. Glycan arrays permit researchers not only to profile the specificities of glycan-binding proteins, but could uncover disease-associated biomarkers and putative drug target moieties. RayBio(R) Glycan Array 100 is thus an affordable glycan array now accessible to the entire research community.

RayBiotech is a privately owned company, headquartered in Atlanta (USA), and a spin-off from Emory University. RayBiotech has nearly 50 employees. Management Team is composed by Ray Ruopan Huang, Rani Huang, Rob Burgess, Bill Edens, Steven Huang, Scott Luo, Ying Qing Mao and Valerie Jones. RayBiotech provides high quality products and services to its customers in 41 countries and maintains medical device certification to ISO 13485 requirements and compliance with GLP/GMP FDA regulations. RayBiotech continues to pioneer advances in high-throughput platforms for identifying disease mechanisms, screening and validation of biomarkers and identification of drug targets.

More about RayBiotech : www.raybiotech.com

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