Schrodinger – advanced molecular simulations

Schrodinger is a bioinformatics company providing software solutions and services for life sciences and materials research.

Schrodinger – advanced molecular simulations


Schrodinger is a leading provider of advanced molecular simulations software for life sciences and materials research.  Schrodinger offers a wide portfolio of products, ranging from general molecular modeling programs to a comprehensive suite of drug design software. BioLuminate is an intuitive interface, user-friendly and specifically designed to examine biologics and protein systems with seamless access to superior scientific modeling algorithms. Built on a solid foundation of comprehensive protein modeling tools, BioLuminate provides access to additional advanced tools for protein engineering, antibody modeling, analysis of protein-protein interfaces, etc… Moreover, Desmond is a high-performance molecular dynamics simulations software for biomolecular systems. Desmond combines speed and accuracy, allowing users to examine events of great biological and pharmaceutical importance. Additionally, Epik is the perfect software for accurate enumeration of ligand protonation states in biological conditions, allowing rapid and robust pKa predictions. Furthermore, Schrodinger also provides MacroModel (the most complete molecular modeling package suitable for a wide array of research), QSite (a high-performance QM/MM program) and SiteMap (a fast, accurate and practical binding site identification software).
Founded in 1990, Schrodinger is a bioinformatics company based in USA, Germany, India, Japan, UK and China. Management Team is composed by Ramy Farid, Murco Ringnalda, Mark Murcko, Jörg Weiser, Cony D’Cruz, Shi-Yi Liu, Yvonne Tran, Michelle Byington, John Dowling, Shunichi Ozawa, Leah Frye, Woody Sherman, Volker Eyrich, Scott Becker, Robert Abel and Mathew Halls. Scientific Advisors is composed by Richard Friesner, Paul Anderson, Bruce Berne, John Chodera, William Goddard, Wayne Guida, Barry Honig, Matthew Jacobson, William Jorgensen, Ronald Levy, David Mobley, Jens Nørskov and Vijay Pande. Schrodinger has nearly 300 employees and establishes partnerships with companies in fields like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc… Through long-term investments in basic research, Schrodinger makes scientific breakthroughs across many areas of drug discovery and biology, and hundreds of peer-reviewed publications are among the most cited in their fields.

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