Shaperon Enrolls Its First Patient in Phase 2 U.S. Clinical Trial for Atopic Dermatitis Therapy ‘Nugel’

Shaperon Enrolls Its First Patient in Phase 2 U.S. Clinical Trial for Atopic Dermatitis Therapy ‘Nugel’

Shaperon Enrolls Its First Patient in Phase 2 U.S. Clinical Trial for Atopic Dermatitis Therapy ‘Nugel’

210 Patients With Multi-Racial Atopic Dermatitis…Phase 2 Clinical Trial Begins

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Shaperon, Inc. (Kosdaq: 378800), a biotechnology company developing innovative immune drugs, announced the enrollment of the first patient in the Phase 2 clinical trial for Nugel, its therapy for Atopic Dermatitis. This milestone marks the start of a crucial phase in Shaperon’s effort to advance treatment for patients globally.

With FDA approval secured for the Global Phase 2 Clinical Trials (IND) of Nugel in September 2023, Shaperon is dedicated to evaluating its efficacy in improving the Eczema Area Severity Index (EASI) across a diverse cohort of 210 patients with mild to moderate atopic dermatitis. Employing a rigorous double-blind, placebo-controlled methodology, the trial is anticipated to conclude by the first half of 2026.

Market research forecasts indicate a robust growth of over 8.7%, projecting the global atopic dermatitis market to reach $19.1 billion by 2030. Presently, patients rely on steroids and FDA-approved medications, yet there remains a pressing need for novel drugs due to their adverse effects and limited efficacy.

Of particular note, more than 70% of patients exhibit positive responses to the biomarker discovered during Shaperon’s phase 2 clinical trials in Korea, categorized as “A type A atopic patients.” This treatment, distinguished by its superior safety and efficacy compared to existing JAK inhibitors or PDE4 inhibitors in the market, has garnered attention at U.S. and European forums. Shaperon has already initiated patent applications for this biomarker, enabling tailored treatments for patients showing exceptional responses to Nugel.

Nugel represents a paradigm shift in atopic dermatitis therapy as the world’s first inflammation control drug targeting ‘GPCR19’ action. Its unique mechanism of action, exclusive to immune-related cells, offers minimal side effects while effectively addressing inflammatory pathways. Beyond atopic dermatitis, Nugel holds promise for treating a spectrum of skin conditions, further underscoring its potential impact on global healthcare.

Dr. Seung-Yong Seong, CEO of Shaperon, reaffirms Shaperon’s commitment to advancing Nugel’s global presence and facilitating technology transfer through the Phase 2 clinical trials. Leveraging innovative approaches such as a smartwatch-based AI medication management system demonstrates Shaperon’s dedication to optimizing patient outcomes and data reliability. The establishment of Hudson Therapeutics, Shaperon’s U.S.-based subsidiary, reinforces its strategic vision for global expansion and technology exports.


Shaperon is a clinical stage biotech company developing novel inflammasome inhibitors. Its unique mechanism of action of GPCR19-P2X7 modulation suppresses a broad spectrum of inflammatory cytokines including IL-1β, IL-18, IL-6, and TNF-α by controlling both priming and activation phase of inflammasome, whereas conventional approaches are designed to suppress only the activation phase. With this unique and novel modality which is best suited to address complex immune-mediated inflammatory disorders, Shaperon is currently developing multiple clinical programs in atopic dermatitis, cytokine release syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, Obesity and MASH.

ABOUT Hudson Therapeutics

Hudson Therapeutics, a US subsidiary of Shaperon, was founded in 2023 to lead global clinical trials and business development of assets from Shaperon. Hudson’s pipeline includes immunology clinical assets in Atopic Dermatitis, Covid-19, Alzheimer’s Disease and preclinical programs focused in Obesity and other indications, combined with their nanobody platform.


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