Sistemic – drug repositioning

Sistemic is a biotech company focused on the analysis of microRNA and other non-coding RNAs contents for applications in the development of cell therapies and drug repositioning.

Sistemic – drug repositioning


MicroRNAs are implicated in human development, where their expression can maintain or drive tissue phenotype. MicroRNA’s aberrant expression is a significant driver of the pathophysiology of many chronic diseases like diabetes or cancer. Thus, miRNA provides a means to generate cost-effective, information-rich cell characterization tools and biomarkers for use in Cell and Stem Cell Therapies or Drug Discovery. Sistemic’s patented technology platforms provide a novel way to apply the information content of miRNA’s to overcome key obstacles for stem cell therapies. Sistemic’s technology is highly relevant and broadly applicable to the characterization of cell therapies and can also be adapted to the discovery of instructive circulating biomarkers. Sistemic’s miRNA-based products are helping companies worldwide to develop better cell therapies in a cost-effective manner.

SistemRNA applies a compound-centric approach identifying drug effects by associative changes in miRNA expression profiles. This miRNA expression profiles can be used to characterize drugs, like the positioning/repositioning of small molecule or biologic compound libraries, or identification of On/Off-target effects. SistemQC is helping biopharma companies to carry out quality assessments at key steps in the cell therapy development life cycle. SistemQC provides a generic, low-cost way to characterize the critical quality attributes of cell populations. SistemTOX is built on SistemRNA data to help biopharma companies to detect compounds that could activate pathways potentially leading to toxicity, earlier in the lead selection process. SistemTox is applicable to cell lines (like HepG2) or stem cells derived from cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes. SistemKB represents Sistemic’s in-house knowledge-base. This highly curated database of the biological functions and interactions of human microRNAs is built to give a detailed picture of the biology of each microRNA. When a microRNA is identified in an experiment, its context can quickly be derived from SistemKB. This SistemKB knowledge-base is integrated with Sistemic’s in-house literature mining tool, SistemSeek. SistemSeek interrogates the publicly available scientific literature to identify links between microRNAs and biological processes. SistemSeek is updated daily and helps scientists to quickly curate crucial information.

Sistemic is a biotech company based in Glasgow (UK). Management team is composed by Jim Reid (CEO), David Mallinson and Donald Dunbar. Sistemic has patented technologies for the use of non-coding RNAs for drug repositioning, biomarkers development and as quality metrics of somatic and stem cells.

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