Smaltis – bacteriology and molecular biology

SMALTIS is a biotech company specialized in bacteriology and molecular biology.

Smaltis – bacteriology and molecular biology


Smaltis is assisting public and private research laboratories in carrying out their projects. Various individualized services in bacteriology and molecular biology are available, from producing inactivation mutants to determining the levels of resistance to all types of drugs through the construction of vectors or production of plasmids. Through gene inactivation by a homologous recombination technique, Smaltis can construct any deletion mutants (knockout) for Pseudomonas aeruginosa, P. fluorescens, Klebsiella pneumoniae or other bacteria. Smaltis also performs in vitro determination of the sensitivity of your bacterial strains to various drugs, such as antibiotics, antiseptics, dyes, etc… Furthermore, Smaltis can identify the associated resistance mechanisms, as well as their genetic origin. Moreover, this biotech company also proposes to identify and quantify the different bacterial species which may be present in a sample or on a surface. Additionally, Smaltis offers clonality assessment through genotypic analysis (PFGE, MLVA, DNA chips, etc…), measurement of bacterial growth under different conditions, co-culture competition experiments, mycoplasma detection, study of virulence factors (production, activity), etc…

Founded in 2011, Smaltis is a biotech company headquartered in Besancon (France). Thisbiotech company was founded by Sophie Guénard and Cédric Muller. Smaltis won in 2014 the national competition for assistance in the creation of innovative technology companies and also the award from the Franche-Comté entrepreneurship Network. To ensure its customers the highest level of quality, the laboratory is enrolled in an ISO 9001 certification program.     

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Smaltis – bacteriology – molecular biology – Sophie Guénard – Cédric Muller

Smaltis – bacteriology – molecular biology – Sophie Guénard – Cédric Muller – Sophie Guenard – Cedric Muller – plasmid production – plasmid – plasmids – bacteria – Pseudomonas aeruginosa – Pseudomonas fluorescens – Klebsiella pneumoniae – clonality assessment – PFGE – MLVA – DNA chips – mycoplasma detection – mycoplasma – virulence factors – virulence factor