Smartox – venom peptides

Smartox is a biotech company specialized in studying animal venoms and manufacturing synthetically most interesting venom peptides (toxins).

Smartox – venom peptides


Smartox Biotechnology is specialized in supplying biological materials issued from animal venom. Smartox transforms crude venoms into peptide collections dedicated to drug discovery programs and manufactures chemically most promising ones. Thus, Smartox Biotechnology offers an easy access to animal venoms, an invaluable source of compounds in drug discovery and life-sciences research. Thanks to its outstanding technical expertise, Smartox proposes a wide range of products and services (synthetic toxins, screening libraries, hit-to-lead services, etc…). For instance, Smartox provides β-Pompilidotoxin, a short peptide inactivating neuronal sodium channels without affecting cardiac sodium channels. β-Pompilidotoxin was isolated from the venoms of two wasps, Anoplius amariensis and Batozonellus maculifrons. Huwentoxin-XVI is a 39 amino acids peptide selectively blocking the N-type Ca2+ channels. Huwentoxin-XVI was discovered from the venom of the Chinese tarantula Ornithoctonus huwena. This blocking effect appears to be similar to that of ω-conotoxin-GVIA and ω-conotoxin-MVIIA, but differs thanks to its greater reversibility and its higher selectivity. BDS-1 is a 43 amino acid peptide originally isolated from the venom of the sea anemona Anemonia Viridis and selectively blocking the voltage-gated potassium channel Kv3.4. Stromatoxin-1 is a 34 amino-acid long peptide isolated from the venom of the African tarentula Stromatopelma calceata. Stromatoxin-1 was found to increase the spontaneous phasic contraction amplitude, muscle force and tone in isolated rat urinary bladder smooth muscle. It also enhances myogenic constriction in pressurized arterial segments. Smartox also proposes Phrixotoxin-2 (PaTx2), a blocker of Kv4.2 and Kv4.3 channels, has been isolated originally from the venom of the Chile fire tarantula Phrixotrichus auratus. Each month, Smartox Biotechnology is offering a toxin for absolutely free! These toxins are offered in sample sizes allowing researchers to experiment them in their own conditions and see how efficient they are!

Smartox also provides high-quality peptide synthesis service, each peptide being delivered with a certificate of analysis including MS and HPLC analyses. Furthermore, Smartox offers VenomScreen, allowing drug discovery from animal venoms. VenomScreen fills the gap between the need of innovative drugs and the lack of new sources of compounds. VenomScreen combines several libraries of peptides issued from animal venoms that can be used in High-throughput screening (HTS) programs and a hit-to-lead service to ensure the characterization of hit compounds, their syntheses and optimization.

Smartox Biotechnology was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience (Grenoble, France). Management Team is composed by Rémy Béroud (CEO), Aurélien Claeyssen and Michel De Waard. Scientific advisory board includes Michel Lazdunski, Sylvie Diochot, Jean-Marc Sabatier, Philippe Bullet and Ahcene Boumendjel.

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Smartox Biotechnology – animal venoms – venom peptides – toxins – Smartox – synthetic toxins – β-Pompilidotoxin – neuronal sodium channels – cardiac sodium channels – Huwentoxin-XVI – Chinese tarantula Ornithoctonus huwen- ω-conotoxin-GVIA – ω-conotoxin-MVIIA – BDS-1 – sea anemona Anemonia Viridis Stromatoxin-1 – African tarentula Stromatopelma calceata Phrixotoxin-2 – PaTx2 – Chile fire tarantula Phrixotrichus auratus VenomScreen – drug discovery from animal venoms

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