Vector Laboratories – labeling and detection solutions

Vector Laboratories provides innovative labeling and detection solutions to the scientific community.

Vector Laboratories – labeling and detection solutions

Vector Laboratories

Vector Laboratories revolutionized the field of histological staining with development of the sensitive Biotin-Avidin detection method, leading to the VECTASTAIN ABC family of products. VECTASTAIN provides consistent, reliable, sensitive, and low background staining for immunohistochemistry and other applications. Vector Laboratories has also developed ImmPRESS polymer detection systems (peroxidase micropolymers directly conjugated to secondary antibodies), as well as the Vector M.O.M. reagents (enabling the use of mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue). Vector Laboratories also proposes proprietary enzyme substrates that yield a palette of colors for multiple labeling needs, or the anti-fade VECTASHIELD mounting mediums. Vector Laboratories’ other pioneering products include ultrapure immunological products, neuronal tracers, and novel reagents for labeling, detection and isolation of fusion proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates. Vector Laboratories developed the ImmPACT peroxidase substrates, an ideal choice for automated staining. High sensitivity and stability of the working solutions allow faster staining on lower primary antibody concentrations and optimal substrate performance. Vector Laboratories’ enzyme and fluorescent-based detection products can be adapted for use on automated staining instruments that allow user-supplied reagents. Furthermore, the ProtOn Protein Labeling Kits simplify the attachment of either biotin or fluorescein to antibodies or other proteins. Vector Laboratories offers many enzyme substrate kits for use with peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase, and glucose oxidase detection systems, allowing for greater flexibility of experimental design.

Vector Laboratories is an independent, privately-held biotech company based in California (USA), U.K. and Canada. Founded in 1976, Vector Laboratories’s products are available worldwide through a wide network of independent distributors.

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