Vida Health’s Obesity Solutions with Integrated Prescribing Capabilities Shows Promising Results

Vida Health’s Obesity Solutions with Integrated Prescribing Capabilities Shows Promising Results

Vida Health’s Obesity Solutions with Integrated Prescribing Capabilities Shows Promising Results

The majority of participants are finding success with Vida’s behavior change interventions and alternative treatments vs higher-cost GLP-1s

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vida Health, a leading virtual cardiometabolic clinic, is proud to announce encouraging preliminary results from its innovative virtual obesity solution with integrated prescribing capabilities. Preliminary data from the initial 1,500 participants enrolled in early 2024 show that fewer than 10% of individuals require GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) receptor agonists, underscoring the effectiveness of the program’s emphasis on behavior change and alternative anti-obesity medications.

Part of Vida Health’s comprehensive approach to weight management, Vida’s obesity solution integrates personalized lifestyle interventions, medical nutrition therapy, and, when necessary, pharmacotherapy to tackle obesity.

“Our early observations are incredibly promising,” said Dr. Richard Frank, Chief Medical Officer at Vida Health. “The data suggest that our team of registered dietitians and clinicians are finding that a vast majority of our program participants will be able to achieve significant health outcomes through personalized behavior change strategies, dietary modifications, and, in some cases the judicious use of alternative anti-obesity medications. This reinforces our belief in a patient-centered approach to obesity care, where GLP-1s are reserved for those who truly need them.”

The program’s success is marked by its adaptive methodology, which employs a step approach to obesity management. Initially, all participants receive a comprehensive evaluation and engage in intensive lifestyle interventions. Progress is closely monitored, and treatment plans are adjusted based on individual responses, with anti-obesity medications (including GLP-1s) considered for those not achieving their health goals through behavior and lifestyle changes alone — or for those with higher risk conditions, such as diabetes, heart, or kidney disease.

“We’re dedicated to transforming obesity care by prioritizing interventions that patients can sustain long-term,” stated Joe Murad, CEO of Vida Health. “The growing momentum of our obesity solution underscores our innovative approach, and high-quality providers, demonstrating that clinically effective weight management can be achieved without relying on higher-tier medications.”

Vida Health continues to analyze the program’s outcomes. The organization remains dedicated to providing impactful, cost-effective, patient-centric solutions for obesity and diabetes, leveraging technology and expert care to support individuals in achieving their health and wellness goals. For more information about Vida Health’s obesity solutions, visit

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