Ysios Capital – private equity for biotech and biopharma companies

Ysios Capital is a leading Spanish independent venture capital firm providing private equity financing to early- and mid-stage biotech and biopharma companies.

Ysios Capital – private equity for biotech and biopharma companies

ysios capital

Ysios Capital targets the entire healthcare and biotechnology industry, especially pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotech and medical devices. Ysios Capital invests in early stage companies looking for first round funding through later-stage or pharmaceutical spin-off companies. Ysios Capital investments range from 1M€ to 7M€, including additional capital for follow-on investments. Ysios Capital is specialized in product development projects, with an attractive market potential and a platform technology capable of generating new product candidates on a sustainable basis with a competitive advantage. Ysios Capital focuses on investing in human healthcare innovation projects in and outside of Spain. Ysios Capital’s investments already target several highly promising biotech companies: AM Pharma, Aura Biosciences, Biovex, Cardoz, CVRx, Endosense, Inbiomotion, Kala Pharmaceuticals, MedLumics, Prexton Therapeutics, Sabirmedical, STAT-Diagnostica, TiGenix, etc…

Founded in 2008, Ysios Capital has 118M€ in assets under management distributed over two funds. Ysios Capital is registered at Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission (CNMV) and located in Barcelona. Ysios Capital has an experienced and dedicated team. Ysios Capital’s Management Team is composed by Joël Jean-Mairet, Julia Salaverría, Josep Sanfeliu, Cristina Garmendia, Karen Wagner, Laia Crespo, Marc Casellas, Miriam Cortés, Paula Olazábal, Raúl Martín-Ruiz and Carlos Gallardo. From early technologies to evaluating clinical programs and providing expert advice on licensing agreements, YsiosCapital brings a biotech-specific expertise and knowledge in finance, venture capital and science.

More about YsiosCapital : www.ysioscapital.com

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