3D Matrix – synthetic extracellular matrix

3D Matrix is a biotech company developing and manufacturing a family of peptide biomaterials (PuraMatrix) for use in clinical applications and life science research.

3D Matrix – synthetic extracellular matrix

3D Matrix

PuraMatrix is an ideal synthetic, transparent, biocompatible and bioresorbable material. PuraMatrix is a fully synthetic hydrogel composed of repeating amino acid sequences of Arginine-Alanine-Aspartic Acid-Alanine prepared in an aqueous solution. PuraMatrix self-assembles into nanofibers on a scale similar to the extracellular matrix (ECM) when exposed to physiological levels of salt. These nanofibers create a highly organized 3-dimensional scaffold and the nanofiber density and average pore size (5-200 nm) can be customized by the concentration of peptide solution used in production. PuraMatrix is the first commercial synthetic ECM scaffold enabling cells to be cultured in carefully controlled microenvironments. PuraMatrix greatly improve cell assays in which cells form complex structures (spheroids, synapses, networks, vascularization, etc…). As a 3D extracellular matrix, PuraMatrix meets all cell culture needs and simulates in vivo growth environments for in vitro investigations. PuraMatrix is widely used for cell culture in cell based assays including Stem cell proliferation and differentiation assays, tumor cell migration and invasion, tissue models for in vitro drug screening or angiogenesis assays. Thus PuraMatrix improves models for in vivo and in vitro research and increases predictability and reduces the cost of drug discovery research. PuraMatrix was initially commercialized in 2004 and is now available for use in both research laboratory and pre-clinical applications.

The 3D Matrix Group is composed of 5 companies: 3D Matrix Ltd., the parental company located in Tokyo (Japan), 3D Matrix, Inc. (Waltham, USA), 3D Matrix Europe SAS (Lyon, France), 3D Matrix Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) and 3D Matrix Beijing Medical Technology, Ltd. (Pekin, China). The Management Team is composed by Keiji Nagano (CEO), Marc Rioult (Managing Director), John Maki (Director) and Shuguang Zhang (Director and Co-Founder). 3DMatrix is currently preparing investigational studies for FDA approval of PuraMatrix as a surgical hemostat (PuraStat) and 3DMatrix has also successfully completed a pilot study for the use of PuraMatrix as dental bone void filler via tissue regeneration. Thus, PuraMatrix developed by 3D Matrix is a platform technology that can fulfill numerous clinical indications and therapeutic needs.

More about 3D Matrix : http://www.puramatrix.com

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