Protein Simple – powering protein research

Protein Simple is a biotech company developing and commercializing proprietary systems making protein analysis simpler, more quantitative and affordable.

Protein Simple – powering protein research

Protein Simple

Protein Simple offers a wide range tools to analyze and quantify proteins and biological samples. The Simple Western is a Gel-free, Blot-free, Hands-free system of protein detection, a completely reinvented way to perform Western Blot. With Simple Western, get your time back! Just load your samples, press start and go enjoy your new hands-free time! We you come back few hours later, you just have to analyze your results! Simple Western is not only a fast and hand-free tool. It also allows a better consistency in your experiments. Indeed, Simple Westerns is fully automated, giving you more reproducible data. Furthermore, since gel separation and blot transfer of proteins aren’t needed, Simple Westerns gives you quantitative results. This innovative technology uses a lot less protein and antibody than the classical Western Blot, thus saving your precious samples!

Antibody characterization is important in research and biopharmaceutical development, and Protein Simple allows the characterization of antibodies using a variety of techniques. Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies require accurate characterization of charge heterogeneity. The iCE platform provides the advantages of high resolution, rapid analysis, and generic methods that allow you to characterize charge variants quickly and easily. The iCE platform performs free solution IEF in a capillary column (cIEF), allowing simple and accurate quantitation of protein charge variants.

Protein therapeutics drugs are susceptible to form aggregates which can compromise parenteral drug efficacy and cause undesired side-effects in patients. Thus, it’s critical to accurately monitor and characterize aggregates during formulation development process. The Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI) is the perfect solution for aggregate analysis. MFI has a unique ability to detect sub-visible particles and it’s the world’s first automated particle analysis platform. MFI is scalable and robust, and can be validated for use in cGMP production environments. The automation of the MFI minimizes the set-up time and allows unattended operation. MFI’s technology has been validated within the pharmaceutical industry and used by lots of biopharma companies. Protein Simple also proposes Western Blot Imaging solutions, like FluorChem R, FluorChem M or FluorChem E chemiluminescence. If you are interested in customizing your own imager, you can also choose your camera, lens, and detection options to meet the performance and budget needed.

Protein Simple is a biotech company based in Ontario (Canada), San Jose (USA), Tokyo (Japan) and Shanghai (China). Management’s team is composed by Robert Gavin, Terry Salyer, John Proctor and Eric Esser. Protein Simple has over 200 employees and more than 14.000 systems installed around the world.

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