Amarna – next-generation viral vector platform

Amarna Therapeutics is biotech company developing a next-generation viral vector platform playing a key role in transforming treatment across many disease areas.

Amarna – next-generation viral vector platform


Viral vectors, and more specifically SV40-based delivery platforms, have looked to be the best approaches but prior to Amarna, no one has been able to develop a viable production system. Unlike other delivery systems, SVac is non-immunogenic, delivers to a broad range of cell types and tissues, and can be produced in large quantities. Consequently, it offers significant advantages over other viral vectors which are inefficient, immunogenic and are difficult to produce in the quantities needed for commercialization. Amarna is a leading company developing SVac, a viral vector platform derived from the simian polyomavirus 40 (SV40). Amarna produces SVac vector particles using its proprietary SuperVero producer cell line. As a result, Amarna is uniquely placed to produce SVac in the large quantities required for clinical trials and commercialization across a wide range of chronic or life-threatening conditions. Amarna’s next-generation viral vector platform promises to transform treatment across many disease areas. Indeed, a single SVac administration provides long-lasting treatment effects compared with current treatment schedules. Furthermore, Amarna has a second innovative production platform, PRP3, which is a cost-effective and high-yielding platform to produce therapeutic proteins.

Amarna Therapeutics is a privately held biotech company founded in 2008 and headquartered in Leiden (Netherlands) with R&D and production facilities in both Netherlands and Spain (Granada). Amarna is focused on becoming a leader in developing viral vector technology that could revolutionize the treatment of a wide range of immunity-associated diseases. Its experienced management team (Ben van Leent and Peter de Haan) has a clear strategy to realize the full commercial and clinical value of its SVac technology. Amarna Therapeutics is addressing a multi-billion euro market, with a capability to treat rare and hard-to-treat diseases that have high unmet needs because of inefficient and immunogenic delivery systems. Amarna has several earlier stage programs in development (hemophilia, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), acquired immune-deficiency syndrome (HIV), Viral Hepatitis, Relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS), Metastatic breast cancer (MBC), etc…).

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