Apexigen – rabbit-derived humanized monoclonal antibodies

Apexigen is a pioneer biotech company for antibody therapeutics based on rabbit-derived humanized monoclonal antibodies, allowing therapeutic benefits that have not been achieved through the use of other technologies. Thanks to its proprietary platform technology, Apexigen has built a strong pipeline of humanized monoclonal antibody programs spanning from oncology, inflammatory disease and ophthalmology.

Apexigen – rabbit-derived humanized monoclonal antibodies


Development of the next generation of antibody-based drugs will require abilities that exceed those of current technologies in exerting novel effects on disease processes by binding rare or intractable antigen epitopes. Key features for these next generation therapeutics lies in harnessing the inherent advantages of rabbit antibodies: greater diversity of unique high quality antibodies (with high affinity, high specificity and which bind unique antigen epitopes). These attributes enable the discovery of antibodies targeting previously unreachable disease mechanisms. Indeed, Apexigen’s proprietary technology platform enables the discovery and development of superior antibody product candidates that are able to impact previously inaccessible disease mechanisms. Its proprietary Mutation Lineage Guided (MLG) humanization technology is a novel approach representing a significant breakthrough compared to standard mouse antibody humanization processes. MLG’s technology is using the huge amount of information derived from the diversity of antibody sequences generated by the rabbit, in order to humanize the entire antibody and achieve a very high degree of humanization. Residues in the framework and in the Complementarity Determining Regions (CDR) can be humanized through this method. The results are antibodies retaining full activity and offering key benefits compared to other humanization technologies that tend to produce antibodies with reduced affinity and potency.

Apexigen has built a strong pipeline of seven unique humanized monoclonal antibody programs, 4 of these seven candidates being currently the subject of development partnerships with leading life science companies. Apexigen’s most advanced internal development program, APX005, is a humanized monoclonal antibody targeting the CD40 protein for the treatment of cancers. CD40-induced activation of the immune system by APX005 has the potential to treat a variety of cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, and exhibits potent anti-tumor effects in animal models.

Apexigen is a young biotech company, based in Burlingame (USA). Board of Directors includes Kenneth Fong, William Rutter and Xiaodong Yang. Management’s team is also composed by Mark Nevins, Ovid Trifan, Amy Wong and Yongke Zhang. Apexigen just ranked #4 among US Life Science Start-up Companies by BioSpace (list containing 30 life science companies that were launched no earlier than 2011 and are headquartered in the United States).

More about Apexigen : www.apexigen.com

Apexigen – rabbit-derived humanized monoclonal antibodies – humanized monoclonal antibody – Mutation Lineage Guided – MLG – APX005

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